Green Man Tile

When I began working in clay at the city art centre, one of the first projects I made was a tile based on the Green Man motif. I’d cast my face for a previous project, so used that mold. Our hillside is covered with English Ivy, so, for greenery, I rolled thin sheets over leaves, then cut them out. I liked the veining that showed. Overall, I really liked the project and how it turned out but, as you can see, it cracked. I later learned that it cracked because the base and face didn’t have the same level of dryness when I attached the two. I thought they were close to the same, but was wrong. The tile was bone dry when fired and came out of the bisque firing okay. However, it tore apart, as shown, when it was glaze fired. The face portion takes a lot of work and is more exposed than the base and I don’t think I can match dryness levels, so the next time I do this, I will only make masks. The results are a bit other worldly and I like that. The clay is white and the glaze is Oribe green.

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About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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