Ceramics Resources

Within a matter of days, the list of resources for Jane Street Clayworks has grown exponentially. Please do take a look. The list is taking on the look of a Who’s Who in the ceramics and pottery fields and you will profit by even a casual perusal of sources. Among the ones added today, thanks to Joan, are Michael Cardew, Robin Hopper, Michael Casson, John Hesselberth, and Ron Roy. I added some of my own, too. The Arts and Crafts Movement, British and American, is of great interest to me and it is my idea bank. So, I’ve added links that refer to historical background and players, like William Morris and Gustav Stickley. Looking through this list tonight, I realized that I have my winter reading cut out for me! That’s fine…I’m in need of a good reading list because winters in this part of British Columbia are dark, rainy, and cold (although I hear this winter will be a doozy). I was also thinking that some of these books would make great Christmas presents, too. So, take a look and consider the possibilities! By the way, if anyone knows of any great books about ceramics by women, please let me know!


About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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