Ceramic Tiles

Last summer, I participated in an Open Studio show at the local art centre, showing a series called “Quality of Light.” I am very interested in variations of light, so I decided to use light for my theme. (Some day I’d like to go to Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, which is known for its incredible quality of light.)

My tiles are about 5″ x 5″ x 1″ and are quite heavy. Aurora, Golden, and Blue are made of M340, a white clay, and, Snow, my favorite is of Navajo Red. I used a mold of the original tile, the first “Snowstorm.” I used at least one of the following to decorate each:  underglaze, glaze, acrylics, sealant.

I want to experiment more with “The Golden Hour” because what I ended up with looks more like mid-day … the glaring white of a summer day when the light has bleached out all color. An accurate Golden Hour representation would have saturated colors and long shadows. Since shadows are absent because of the stylized design, I would have to rely on color. I think I will experiment, as this is my favorite time of day and I love the rich colors.

“Snowstorm” is my favorite, in part, because I love terra cotta and Navajo Red is lovely. Also, it has a classic Arts and Crafts feel to it…the style and embellishment is spare. It is about nature, without looking painterly or sweet or artsy. It has a clean feel. In addition, a good contrast exists between the smoothness of the glazed areas and the roughness of the untreated ‘frame,’ and background.

I had thought about posting the tile series before but, as I was reading this afternoon, I thought of the snow outside and that cinched it! On the eve of a big snowfall warning, it’s time to post “Snowfall.” Maybe it will help raise the temp enough to create nice, fat snowflakes!

About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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2 Responses to Ceramic Tiles

  1. minoo says:

    I like all your clay works and hope to see more of them

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