Re-glazing Ceramics

A couple of weeks ago, I glazed some pieces that had taken me a long time to create. I was a bit stressed out and wasn’t firing on all cylinders. Looking back, I see that it would have been better to have glazed them in the spray booth to ensure even coverage. I despaired when I saw them after they’d been fired. I mean, all the work I’d put into them and, pfft, they turned out lousy.

So, I consulted with Joan, who has had much more experience than me. She suggested I heat the pieces in an oven, use spray starch, then re-glaze and, finally, spray with starch again to make sure the glaze stays fixed. That’s what I’m doing right now. I’ve got one piece drying, glaze intact. I’ll have to do a bit of clean-up, but it is looking good. Then I’ll spray more starch on it. The starch is drying on the other and in a couple of minutes I’ll glaze it, too. I read that when you attempt this, it’s best to use thick glaze. Some said to add corn syrup, others said pour the water off the top of the settled glaze and that is what I did. I’ll just pour the saved water back once I’m done. Note: use a mask to prevent inhaling fumes and particulates.

I’ll let you know how it turns out. And, in the future, I hope to prevent screw-ups by not working when I’m frazzled! We all now what that’s like….

Thank you, Joan!


About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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