Terrific WordPress Ceramics Blogs

Today, I decided to stick closer to home, as I’ve felt a little curious about what else was ‘out there’ on WordPress. I have found some great ceramics blogs to share with you. I searched for ‘ceramics hand building’ and noted what I came up with on my first try. These are among the ones I really liked and it’s a treat to share them. I have not communicated with these artists, but I will and am happy to feature them. The word for the day is ‘variety.’

TWHS Art & Design: There seem to be quite a few school sites on WordPress and this is one of them. This is a blog for a high school in Topeka…Kansas, probably. It is a good site for formulas+. I adored my high school ceramics class; it’s where I really got my start and I have a soft spot for this blog for that reason.

Primitive and Authentic: “Hand + Built”…I like this site and I am going to have to explore it further, as the focus is very specific and intriguing. I like what I saw and see that there are many other things to look at and I will be back. I also like the chunky, jagged, raw clay that makes up the featured art ‘above the fold.”

Yasuko’s Ceramics: A wonderfully startling variety of work here. Very deft touch. The Sage Grouse is incredible and I will be back to study and peruse. I also like the blog’s design…dramatic and effective.

Ally Howell: Fun, zany, irreverent, wow, popular culture, am going back for more! Make sure you look at her other photos, too. Very talented woman!

Sculpture in the Vineyards: This is like entering a different world, as it’s a glimpse at installed pieces along a particular amount of turf. Even though other mediums are represented, I thought it worth including. The workshops are very appealing, though they appear dated.

Bang, Chang Hyun: Self-described “Ceramic Piggy Artist.” I love this blog. I like the design, the objects and pieces he makes, and his intent or focus. He says, “Tiny swine in my work has human emotions. Depression, anxiety, desire, obsession from my daily lives, and subtle emotions indescribable through language are conveyed to viewers through swine body language.”


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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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