Video: Evolution of Ceramic Art Forms, Dacian to Romanian

I was so excited when I saw this video after rummaging around sgraffito sites and couldn’t wait to share it with you! This video focuses on the ceramics of a certain people over time. The Dacians really gave the Romans a run for their money and proved to be an intractable enemy until they were eventually vanquished. My father’s people were Croatian and Hungarian, so Eastern Europe holds a certain cachet for me. Ancient Illyria sings in my veins and even though the Romans thought everyone save themselves were barbarians, the Dacians made exquisite pottery. No, it was not as advanced as that of the Etruscans, but the Etruscans stand alone and the Romans made inferior copies of the work of the Greeks and their predecessors to the north. This video of Dacian and Romanian pottery has very good production values and the forms represented cover the gamut: hand-built, wheel-thrown. The decorative techniques show great variety, too, and you’ll see that these pieces are incised, carved, show relief, are glazed, or etched with sgraffito. The modern forms have intriguing designs, complex ones that threatened to set off my vertigo! My favorites have the richest blue I’ve ever seen. Enjoy….


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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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