Taking Stock of Jane Street Clayworks

Jane Street Clayworks has been running for a little over three months now and, during that time, I have pretty much let inspiration and free association guide me. Over the holidays, though, I met with Connie Thoreson, and she gave me good advice and I will be following up on her suggestions. One of the things I’ll be doing over the next week is to take an inventory of posts, study the topics I’ve covered, and the forms in which I’ve presented them. I will make a plan, chart the way toward presenting a greater variety of topics with regularity. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be working on a few other things, including starting guest blogs. The storyboard will take shape, too. More changes are in the works, but this will keep me going for a bit. I’ve just returned from the U.S., am in need of break, so tonight’s post is about my plans. Over the last nine days, I have had to post hurriedly and my writing and presentation may have not been up to snuff. I’ve gone back in and improved on a post here and there, but will now move on, concentrating on the present and future. It’s nearly February and, as of the 1st, readers will no longer be able to respond to my Readers Interest Poll. If you like to affect change and want your wishes to be known, please take my poll. If you have comments, please state them at the end of the post, as I’ve learned that  PollDaddy on WordPress is unable to filter comments for my last question. Thank you for your participation! What I am really looking forward to is studio time and this coming Tuesday, I will be back at the table, chatting with friends, catching up on projects, preparing for new ones, and enjoying lunch out. What with one thing or another, I have not been to the studio or even touched a piece of clay for a long time. For me, ceramics is soothing and I so look forward to a little creativity and bliss….


About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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