Jane Street Claywork’s 1-11 Poll Results

I want to thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my first poll at Jane Street Clayworks. The site through which I created this poll, PollDaddy, tracked the numbers and there have been 30 responses. In order to make the results more legible, I am running a split photo. If you want to see the actual numbers, scroll to the photo below the pie chart. A discussion of results follows the charts.

The top two responses show the strongest leaning, but I can discern several things from responses. You want:

  • More features on major figures
  • Additional writers
  • Fewer photo galleries, slide shows and videos.

Middle of the road responses, the 3s, are only one digit removed from the majority, the 4s, so, in terms of a study there is not enough of a difference to make a strong statement. In the future, I will create a poll that will make the results more cut and dried. The bulleted responses above do show much of what I need to know, however, and I will study these and make the changes my readership wants. I also realize the study design needs change. With this particular poll, I allowed readers to click multiple answers, so I do not really know how many individuals responded. And that number is important, so, next time I create a poll, I will choose the ‘one response’ option. Also, PollDaddy doesn’t work to full capacity on WordPress, so I was unable to view the comments people made. Therefore, I will curtail that option next time. The good news is that I will have more writers. Contributors with be made up of ‘official’ guest bloggers from My Guest Blog and writers I know who can do a good job of writing about ceramics and who are ready and willing to contribute. This weekend, I will be posting a feature about an artist-in-residence, who I think fulfills the ‘figures in the field’ response. While the audio-visuals seem to be less of a favorite, I will have to include them with how-tos, at times, and when I feature video footage of stellar figures. I will not over-rely on media, though. Jane Street Clayworks has come a long way since its inception on Oct. 26, 2010. I appreciate your patronage and will make sure future posts continue to hold your interest. What you say and want makes a difference. Thank you again for your participation. — Jan


About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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