Gordon Hutchens Fires his Anagama Kiln

What an amazing community project: the firing of an anagama kiln against a backdrop of rainforest! Coming across this is perfect timing, as I am unable to make it to a raku firing that Gary told me takes place this Sunday. While it’s no substitute for the actual experience, this presentation is truly grand. The setting is the wilds of Denman Island, the project was spearheaded by Gordon Hutchens, the year was 2010. You will witness a bisque firing of the kiln that took him two years to build. Hutchens’ site says that at “age 14 he saw several examples of the real thing in Japan and has continued to carry those images in his mind ever since.” This slide show is nearly five minutes long, so grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy it without hurrying. It’s such a pleasure to see the range of pieces, the animated faces, the primal nature of the fire, and the finished pieces. An umpteen centuries-old method of firing takes place before your very eyes. It is a special opportunity. I like the feel of the slide show…a hint of  the length of time, the constant need to feed the fire, the lengths of wood. Community members chat, nibble, work overnight, and evoke an intense sense of excitement and anticipation. Enjoy!


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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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