Clay Artisans with the Northwest Designer Craftsmen

A very exciting event is taking place starting in March and I certainly think this show deserves a field trip! MATZKE FINE ART & SCULPTURE GARDEN is hosting the annual Northwest Designer Craftsmen Invitational.


“NWDC is a juried arts organization with members from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. The organization was founded in 1954 to promote excellence of design and craftsmanship as well as to stimulate public appreciation and interest in fine craft. On view are both functional and decorative objects in basketry, ceramics, fiber, glass, jewelry, paper, and sculpture.”

Today’s post features NWDC members who work in clay and what a group of artisans they are! I cannot guarantee that they will be exhibiting pieces in this juried show on Camano Island, but we’re sure to see some of their work.

From Halibut Cove, Alaska, Annette Bellamy has been a commercial fisher for almost 40 years. A sculptor and potter, her work is incredibly inventive…very organic.

Seattle, Washington, artist Ginny Conrow specializes in porcelain with crystalline glazes and her work is typified by fluidity. So lovely!

Gina Freuen is a ceramist and graphic designer who lives in Spokane, Washington. To me, her pieces have an ancient feel about them and she does wood and soda firing.

An artisan who also lives in Seattle, Washington, Rosette Gault‘s bio says “she has devoted nearly 20 years to the establishment of a formal knowledge base for paperclay ceramics that supports the expansion of the field art.”

Fantastically original, Carol Gouthro, schooled and taught in Manitoba and now lives in the Seattle, Washington, area. She says, “my ceramic work have slowly been evolving into botanically inspired hybrid sculptural forms.”

The work of Lois Harbaugh, is refined and elegant. “I haven’t seen anyone else combine contemporary ceramics and antique china in this way,” she states on the NWDC site. Here, her porcelain is shown on the Pacini Lubel gallery site.

Mark Horiuchi “focuses on wheel-thrown pottery forms with abstract expressionist painted surfaces.” This Seattle-area artist has sold 10,000 plates world-wide!

Lars Husby makes stoneware slab pieces with “textured surfaces are treated with underglazes, engobes, high and low-fire glazes, and overglazes.” An instructor at Bellevue College, he is a native Washingtonian from Poulsbo.

Tile artist and glaze chemist, Paul Lewing, also draws and paints. The Seattle, Washington, artist has worked with clay and glazes since 1965.” He is also an author of books about china painting and overglazes.

Loren Lukens typifies his work as “strong, sleek and sculptural with a bold painterly surface and rich glaze treatment.” His Brace Point Pottery is in West Seattle.

Using, “gold, platinum, and other precious metals,” Ken Turner’s precious work “contrasts the raw with the opulent while maintaining a delicate balance between the two.”


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