Clay Candy & Marzipan

I have a tidbit for you to peruse today and it’s something one might not suspect they’d find on a ceramics site: The modeling of sweets — Clay Candy and Marzipan. This article, Clay Candy, by Kristin Marquette, will get you in the mood. This substance is different from fondant and here is an article that will explain all. Now, the covering of a Swedish Princess Cake is molded marzipan and while I have yet to taste a slice, I will relish the day that happens. Modelling candy is something that is attractive to me, as I became acquainted with marzipan early in life in Germany. I remember seeing all the lovely shapes in displays in German shop windows. Here’s a classic marzipan recipe. I know some people use almond paste, but I like starting from scratch. I’ve modeled quite a few things from it…tiny apples, bananas and oranges, potatoes and little pink pigs. However, if your winter needs a bit of pizzaz, you might consider a jaunt to the Szabo Marzipan Museum, in Szentendre, Hungary.

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