Art Gallery in your Kitchen: Refrigerator Magnets

Fridge magnets are an under-appreciated art form. Yet, one tiny morsel of clay can go a long way, artistically. A well-designed, well-executed ceramic fridge magnet has lasting power. You want to walk over to your fridge to appreciate it. I applaud the artist who takes the time to make them. It’s true, there’s a lot of schlock out there, things that are cute, ugly or poorly made. But, there are many pieces that are quite fine and have taken a bit of doing to create. I don’t mind sweet, if it’s done well.  I guess I just, generally, like fridge magnets. They’re fun to get and give. I like visiting someplace knew and finding fridge magnets I’ve never seen. From here, I can see some of mine on our fridge. There’s a finger puppet magnet of Monet, a lunar rover (that actually winds up and runs), and a bunch of other cool ones. I have some cherished ones that are beautifully designed and were found in art galleries. Every once in a while I have to scoop everything off all three sides of my fridge (!) and be a little more selective. Many are stored and on a rotation. A small one only needs a ceramic magnet. If your mini-artwork has a rare earth magnet, be careful, it’s very strong and you have to attach it to the fridge carefully. I made some last year and had that experience. But, I wouldn’t mind at all if any of these tiny morsels graced my fridge. Most of the magnets shown in this slide show are from and links can be found below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sources: Heart, Lozenges, 3-in-one, Irish, Moth, Acorns, Armenian Family, Star Charm, Abstract Purple, Stuck On You, Oak Leaf, Owls, Star Charm (repeated), Guitar, Squirrel, Hand, Rose, Red Heart, Trees and Fog, Bud and Leaf, Butterflies,
love, Porcelain (4), Failte (Welcome)


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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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