art/r/evolution: avant-garde ceramics exhibition

art/r/evolution, a ceramics exhibit hosted by cutting edge Italian artistas will be making its way across the globe from now till 2014. The grand opening took place in Paris last year and the exhibit will leave Gdansk at the end of the month. “It’s an avant-garde multi-media event featuring the works of twelve International ceramic artists (the Group) who have challenged the limits of the medium,” according to the Italian arts journal, The brainchild of Nicola Boccinini, who founded the Free Experimental Ceramics Association (CLS), he and his group have combined fashion and ceramics to bring us these works. When I learned about it, I thought, good timing, as I had been trying to fine out whether any new ceramic properties had been discovered. A week or two after I had researched it, I came across this show and group. Boccinini is “very focused on new processes and techniques that add to the properties of ceramic,” says thatsArt, ” thus making it suitable for more functional purposes than the traditional ones.” After looking into what CLS is doing, I have to admit that some of it looks very similar to the clay Joan of Art ensemble two friends created and entered in Port Moody’s Wearable Art Show, which will be covered in the near future. I think the idea of combining clay with fashion is intriguing, though, I am not entirely sure whether the Italian work demonstrates new properties so much as it uses them in ways that are seldom attempted. However, the group claims that some of the techniques used on the pieces are technological breakthroughs; you can read more about this here. Group members include Giuseppe Agamennone, Nicola Boccini, Ricky Boscarino, Francky Criquet, Marino Ficola, Przemyslaw Lasak, Pierluigi Pompei, Romano Ranieri, David Roberts, Malgosia Turlo, and GaiaPace and Alisa Dumas. The last two are fashion designers.

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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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