Spring brings a new domain for Jane Street Clayworks!

What better day to initiate change than on the first day of spring? We just got back from a Spring Equinox stroll down Jane Street. The fresh air did me good and I saw snowdrops and crocuses in bloom. Before I came in, I looked at the iris and day lily shoots coming up on our hillside. Perfect for balancing all the brainpower I’ve been expending today. I am in the midst of big change at Jane Street Clayworks and want to keep you in the loop. Because this is new terrain for me, my friends Yu Yu Din and Connie Thoreson have helped me and my friends at the Port Moody Arts Centre Open Studio are supportive. I am also using Blogging for Dummies, which I find very helpful. My plans include a guided transfer from Jane Street Clayworks on my current WordPress.com site to a WordPress.org site. This will enable me to do many more things with my blog. I’m so excited! My focus will continue to be the creative process and all things clay. In terms of design, the new page will look the same, at first, and changes will be made slowly. People associate the blog name with the current design and, at present, and I don’t want to muck with that. The switchover will give me leeway to do many more things. For one, it will allow me to have a storefront, if I choose. Associates will be able to log on, blog and post at their leisure. This means a lot to me. I come from a democratized workplace model. In plain terms, it means I’ve worked with others in a co- fashion, not top down. I am bringing the spirit of co-work and play to my blog! Today, I bought a domain and I am now doing consumer research about hosting services. So far, I’ve narrowed it down to two, MediaTemple, a service that is a Better Business Bureau member with an A+ rating, and Laughing Squid, a San Francisco-based indie service that caters to artists and has an open source emphasis. This evening, I will continue to compare features, consider my needs and personal values, make a decision and sign up for one of these outfits. Both Laughing Squid and MediaTemple are companies from the U.S.; however, to balance my choices, I went with a Canadian company for my domain, Domainsatcost.ca. Timeframe: as it happens. You will be kept informed along the way…. So, wish me luck! Virtual lucky horseshoe activated!

About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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