Pottery News Round-Up

Every week, I come across intriguing articles about ceramics and pottery, so I decided to collect and post current news each Friday. I’ll give you the headline/link, author (if listed), source, date published, and a brief summary. The featured articles or videos are timely and a range of sources will keep us informed. Current news & events about clay. Enjoy!

Deciphering The Elements Of Iconic Pottery, redOrbit, March  30, 2011  —”What do cutting edge research into future space travel and the investigation of ancient ceramic pots have in common? More than you’d think.”

The Secret History Of: The Chicken Brick, by Kate Watson-Smyth, The Independent, April 1, 2001 — A terra-cotta cooking pot enjoys a renaissance.

Student Union Board To Close Pottery Studio, by Eliza LaJoie, The Cornell Daily Sun, March 31, 2011 — This seems very sad to me…a clay studio being closed to make room for meeting space?

Santa Cruz-area potters to sell wares to help Japanese village, by John Sammon, Santa Cruz Sentinel, March 31, 2011 — A lovely story about potters selling wares to benefit Mashiko-town, Japan, which was so heavily hit by the recent earthquake. Home of Shoji Hamada museum and many traditional potters and potteries.

Creating ceramics can offer some therapeutic properties, by Daniel Foster, InlandSoCal, March 31, 2011 — Story about a retired court commissioner who took up ceramics to balance her life.

Let’s Create! Pottery Hits Mac App Store, prMac, Mar 31, 2011 — And I thought I’d heard of everything… This story is about Let’s Create! Pottery, a Mac OS app that allows you to create virtual pottery online and send it to your friends!

Potters throw a conference and Tampa Bay’s the big wheel, by Kim Wilmath, St. Petersburg Times, March 31, 2011 — Coverage about an international pottery conference, the 45th annual National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts‘ conference.

White Forest Pottery, by Wendy Ilene Friedman, San Francisco Chronicle, March 30, 2011 — The story covers a woman who “a garage studio hobby and turn it into a thriving online business.”

Gladstone Pottery makes china flowers, StaffsLive youTube video — A historic British pottery is featured in this video and it’s worth a look-see just to view this amazing compound.

Jersey’s ‘secret potter’ retires after 44 years, BBC News, March 30, 2011 — “A potter who ran a tourist attraction in St Ouen in Jersey has retired after 44 years.” There’s more to it than that, though. The creator of a marvelous form of ‘agateware,’ Mr. Bouchet, has destroyed all his recipes, records, moulds, clay and special equipment.” Why couldn’t he have ‘paid it forward?’

Deciphering the Elements of Iconic Pottery: What do cutting edge research into future space travel and the investigation of ancient ceramic pots have in common? More than you’d think, Nanotechnology Now, March 28th, 2011 — Abstract: “Attic pottery is the iconic red and black figure-pottery produced in ancient Greece from the 6th to the 4th centuries B.C. …Such pottery required immense precision to produce, and the means by which craftsman created these vessels is still not completely understood.”

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