Pottery News Briefs, Week of April 10th

Can you believe it’s Friday? Boy, this week just zoomed by. Rainy as it is, the season has officially begun and everyone’s busy doing spring chores. I am very happy to say that my project for the weekend is working on my greenhouse kit.  Soon it will be aching to grow a tomato! That said, let me shift from my own news to a broader view. Looks like some interesting things have been happening in the World of Clay….

Visit the oldest pottery village in Southeast Asia, April 15, 2011, Vietnamnet Bridge. “As one of the two oldest pottery villages in Southeast Asia, Bau Truc is considered a “museum” of traditional pottery of Cham people.” Terrific photo gallery showing villagers making pottery from natural clay deposits found near the banks of the Quao River. Techniques and materials are covered.

Picasso Ceramics go on permanent display, by Rebekah Harriman, April 14, 2011, Creative Boom: East Midlands. “Picasso Ceramics: The Attenborough Collection, will feature around forty works selected from their unique collection.” Show opens April 16th at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery in Leicester, England. “All of Picasso’s activity with ceramics centred around the Madoura pottery factory where he worked on plates, jugs and tiles, often combining aspects of painting and sculpture in their decoration.”

New studio creating real buzz, April 11, 2011, BC Local News. A café studio fusion has opened in Chemainus, British Columbia. Customers can buy pre-fired slipcast pieces and decorate them while they enjoy pastries and beverages. Owner Simon Warne saw similar cafés in the UK and believes the arts community in the Cowichan Valley will support such a venture.

Potters Protest Closure of Studio, April 8, 2011, by Shane Dunau, The Cornell Daily Sun. Continued coverage of last week’s story about the Cornell University ceramic studio that was facing closure to make space for meetings. A petition opposing the closure was circulated and it garnered 700 signatures. Photo shows and amazing studio space. Please consider writing a letter-to-the-editor in support of the studio.

Xiamen based Taiwan ceramics firm faces EU anti-dumping charges, by Hong Chao-jun and Staff Reporter, April 8, 2011, Want China Times. “The European Union will impose a temporary 73% punitive import tariff on more than 90% of ceramic products from the Chinese mainland, beginning from March 17. The move follows a ruling by the EU on anti-dumping charges pressed for by European companies.”

Patterson Elementary School Students Fire Up Native American Pottery, by Alexandra Hill, Apr 8, 2011, WJHG Channel 7 ABC News. This news brief reports on a special event: teaching students “how to make pottery like Native Americans once did over an authentic pit bonfire.” This bit of news is quite endearing to me because Panama City is right next to the town where I was born, Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The tiny photo shows a huddle of children and I can see the sand they’re standing on. This pic doesn’t do it justice; the sand is pure white and as fine as flour. The culture they’re learning about would be the ancient Mississippian Culture.

Ancient settlements delay Jackson County bridge, by Jon Ostendorff, Apr. 8, 2011, The Citizen Times. Construction unearthed artifacts near Asheville, North Carolina. “Evidence points to a Middle Woodland and Connestee phase occupation nearly 2,000 years ago, though at least one find shows settlement around the late Archaic period about 9,000 years ago.” In addition, digging closer to the surface revealed Cherokee pottery.

Vessels of Clay, Centuries Old, That Speak to Modernity, by Ken Johnson, April 7, 2011, The New York Times. Lovely art review of a Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition featuring buncheong, a traditional Korean form of ceramics.

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