Canadian Artists: Rock the Vote on May 2nd!!

Election Day, Monday, May 2

Advance Voting Days, April 22, 23, and 25

Historically, Canada has been a country known for generous Arts funding. Art activism isn’t as necessary, if the government believes in you, respects you, and funds you. In such an atmosphere, it might even become easier to feel lackadaisical about voting. Some may even believe that art and voting don’t mix. This thinking is not new, though. Nor is the idea that voting doesn’t matter, or that ‘my’ vote won’t make a difference. Voting is a privilege and a responsibility.

Democracy is not the law of the majority but the protection of the minority. — Albert Camus

Arts funding in Canada will change markedly if the Conservatives win a majority in the May 2nd election. The cliché “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” couldn’t be more applicable to Stephen Harper. He’s shown some of his colours, but if he gets a majority, he will, well, another cliché…show his “true colours” and the Art World isn’t going to like it.

Bad News about the continued postponement of the Canada Prizes for the Arts is hitting the airwaves before the election. This is particularly telling and is simply a prelude of what’s to come. Harper is buying votes, but the Arts,  anathema to his being, are left out in the cold. Here’s coverage of the story from the CBC. (Sorry, Harper, blaming it on the Canada Council for the Arts isn’t going to fly.)

The Good News is that The Canadian Arts Coalition has geared up for the vote and has published a Voting Toolkit for Canadian artists and those who appreciate art. The coalition has made the toolkit available for bloggers and I hope you take a look. PDF files will pop up when you click the links. In addition, there is a push for Strategic Voting to help prevent a  Conservative majority. Click here to learn about Swing 33 and Catch-22. The mainstream press is pro-Harper, so if you want to try something else, read The Tyee or Rabble. Don’t listen to the naysayers! It’s up to us, individually and collectively. Get out and vote! Just vote.

Canadian Arts Coalition Art Vote 2011 Tool Kit

Election Day, Monday, May 2

Advance Voting Days, April 22, 23, and 25

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