Pottery News Briefs, Week of April 17th

Yesterday, I thought about our terrific news round-up as I was prepping a tile for molding. There were many overhanging bits, so I had to wedge in thin coils, cleaning it up along the way. Now I have a tiny idea about what it must be like to work with 1. mortar for masonry and 2. amalgam fillings for dentistry! It was painstaking. Afterwards, I wedged clay, rolled out and covered a slab in cornstarch, then molded the tile. At times, tedious, at times meditative. Every once in a while I thought of these news briefs because it was such an excellent news week!

Stoke-on-Trent’s pottery firms manufacture recovery, April 21, 2011, BBC News. This is an exciting bit of news! The industry in Staffordshire is booming and important historical companies, like Spode, are returning to British soil. Video, too.

Flemington’s Stangl pottery factory to become artisan shops, April 21, 2011, Hunterdon County Democrat. A historic New Jersey pottery, dating back to 1924, has been retrofitted. The old Fulper Pottery Co. works in New Jersey lives to see a new day. Good description of physical plant and photo.

Pottery Co-op has spring show May 6, 7, April 21, 2011, Postmedia News. The Nanaimo Pottery Co-op’s Spring Show will be exhibiting wood-fired wares, along with other pieces. The non-profit society’s show has free-admission and items aren’t taxed.

The Cat that Got the Cream at Bonhams Hockney Ceramic Sale Makes £34,000, ArtDaily. A rare earthenware cat made by David Hockney brings big bucks. Evidently Hockney worked in ceramics when he was young and he made this cat in 1955. Terrific photo; I love the cat, especially its tail!

Potters seek to boost their sales, by Thabo Rantlha, April 15, 2011, New Age Online. Story reports on a seminar held in an African village that focused on the economics of the local pottery industry, which is quite extensive. Rare glimpse into life in Zaire.

‘Pot Town’ earned its title in early years, by Josette Keelor, April 15, 2011, NV Daily. From 1880 to 1896, stoneware manufacture was the major industry in Strasburg, Virginia, which became known as ‘Pot Town.’ Interesting overview of the history, companies, and players. Cool pic of a sculpture made by a local pottery firm that was shown in the Chicago World’s Fair in 1904.

A potter’s path: From ECU to Morocco to China, artist found that nothing’s set in stone but her passion, by Diane Daniel, April 15, 2011. Good feature about a young potter in Charlotte, North Carolina. Reports on her schooling, twists and turns, and eventual career path.

Artist scales back his creations, by Lucy Hyslop, April 15, 2011, Vancouver Sun.  An artist known for large public art works switched to ceramics after tragedy struck. Blake Williams began illustrating on ceramics after a fire destroyed his East Vancouver studio. He hasn’t looked back. Works shown at Doctor Vigari on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.


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