DIY resources for homemade ceramic sink basins

Following the theme…a few resources and many ideas….

Architectural Ceramics for the Studio Potter: Designing, Building, Installing, by Peter King. Excellent resource for making your own slab-built or wheel thrown sink basin. Covers mold-making, draping, making overflow bowls and drains, and throwing a rim. Well-illustrated with good photos.

How to Make a Sink Mold, by an EHow contributor. Tells you how to make a rubber mold, step-by-step, with the intention of casting concrete. Could possibly be adapted for slip-casting with a plaster mold. Or not.

Plaster hump molds, Clayart thread. Various potters discuss how to use them successfully.

Wheel Thrown Sinks, Waterstone Bathroom Sinks. Pictorial guide showing potter Dan Weaver throwing a modern-style bowl/basin.

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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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