Post-surgery clay work

I felt more than a little flummoxed when considering how to work in clay in a post-surgical situation. It’s been a week and while I can move around quite well, I can’t lift much. Today, I’m starting to work on something on my home studio set up, a canvas-covered board on the kitchen table. I thought of making buttons or beads, but don’t have much concentration power, so am trying something out… Making flower petals from little balls of clay that I squish into an oval, leaving my thumb-print…then overlapping them into a bloom configuration, maybe fashioning a tiny pistil and stamen. Then, I’ll poke a hole in the top of each flower, so they can be hung later. Don’t know if it’ll be a mobile, or just suspending flowers that hang and twirl on fishing line. This idea is out of my range of experience, as I usually don’t make things like flowers, but, hey, I’m going with the flow. I want to get my hands on some clay…it’s very grounding.

Life is sweet and I can tailor whatever I can do in any situation.

Am definitely in good company when it comes to this kind of situation and am posting a few links about others’ experiences. In the meantime, my posts will be short but engaging…at least that’s my hope!

Post-surgery L

All the king’s horses

How long does it take…


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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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