DIY projects using terra cotta clay pots

Terra cotta pots are saucers are inexpensive, come in a huge range of sizes and have many zippy uses. The humble clay pot can be used to make music, with birdwatching, as a cake plate and a homemade gift kit. What follows are hand-picked sites that show how to make cool things that won’t break your budget or tax your time schedule. Have fun!

“Garden Implements Music” — Seeing these musical pots near the fountain in the forest setting instantly relaxed me and I can only imagine how neat they’d be in real life!

Clay Pot Birdfeeder — Simple feeder, elegant feeder, easy project.

Mosaic Clay Pot Birdbath — A lovely creation from Michaels Craft Store. Could change and adapt many ways…

Clay Pot Cupcake Stand — Beautiful in its simplicity and highly original.

Mini Plant Kit — There’s no reason we can’t make this up ourselves for gifts… It would require pot and saucer, bag of dirt inside in ziplock bag, ribbon and embellishment, and seed packet.

Gone to Pot — A multitude of ideas from, one of my favorite sites.

Moss Pots — One of my all-time favorites that I’ve used many a time…creates a lovely aged look, an instant Tuscany garden!


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