The greenhouse is done!

I overdid it a bit yesterday, so stay tuned for “Gold and silver leaf on ceramics, Part 2” am working on it and soon soon… In the meantime, I want to show you our finished greenhouse! (We still have a bit of work to do with the floor and outer perimeter, to seal it, but it’s up and ready to go!) After I finish my mushroom projects, morels, chanterelles, and fairy ring, it’s on to garden markers! Big thank you to Mom and Mark!! It creates a lovely new space, inside and in front of it.  I am not ready to do any full-on gardening yet, so we will shop for the right kind of tomato plants and place them inside first. I hadn’t known that greenhouses require different plants than those grown outdoors , so am on a learning curve, thanks to our library. It makes sense for tomatoes…after all, they can reach 10′ tall! So mine will likely be the bush variety…indeterminate, for lots of fruiting. So we’re off and running. This is the coldest spring here for 50 years, so the greenhouse is also very timely. Will start seedlings for outdoors in it and hope to begin that quite soon….

Exaco EasyStart Season Extender greenhouse, louvered window open, 4'4"x6'4"x6'

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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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3 Responses to The greenhouse is done!

  1. Pauline says:

    It looks wonderful Jan. You will have a lot of fun and satisfaction I’m sure. I’m recommending again a wonderful book by Robert Pogue Harrison called Gardens, an essay on the human condition. In this book I learned about the Goddess ‘Cura’ who is the goddess of care. Gardens take lots of care but what they give back is ten fold to the care we have to give them. Have fun…and blessings on your garden. I’m excited for you!

  2. Jan says:

    Thank you, Pauline and may Cura bless our little patches… I will read that book; it sounds so wonderful… It’s going to be great!

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