Pottery News Briefs

Annoushka unveils ceramic art installation for LJW, Professional Jeweller – London jeweller Annoushka Ducas collaborated with ceramics sculptor Bouke de Vries to create “works of art that made from reclaimed broken ceramics that integrate jewels and semi-precious stones..” London, England show held at the Annoushka store in Sloane Square for one month. More pics.

Relic collector sues specialist after rare piece proves a fake, China Daily – An antique specialist from the Beijing Huaxia Ancient Ceramics Appraisal Institute is being sued for about 6 million yuan for selling a fake relic to a collector. The collector “He hired five ceramic experts from the National Palace Museum to evaluate the so-called relic in 2005. Liu said they pointed out Mao had previously approached them with two similar bowls, which they had told him were counterfeit.”

British Ceramics Biennial returns home to Stoke-on-Trent for autumn 2011, Culture 24 – Dates for the British Ceramics Biennial have been set. The Festival, in Stoke-on-Trent, runs from September 30 to November 13 2011. Venues include the European Ceramics Work Centre and Gladstone Pottery Museum. One UK ceramics artist will win a £10,000 prize to be awarded on October 21.

View historic pottery patterns on web, The Star – “A HISTORIC book of pottery patterns from a vintage South Yorkshire firm is being brought into the 21st century – by being put online for people to browse.” The Rotherham Museums, Galleries and Heritage is launching the new website. Shown are 366 pages of the Rockingham Pattern Book.

Art confronts female sexuality, power and porn, The Irish Times – A student at Dublin’s National College of Art Design began researching ceramics, wanting to combine her interest in art and science. When she typed the keyword ‘tentacle’ on the Internet, she was inundated by a form of Japanese pornography, women being victimized by octopi. She decided to reclaim the scientific aspect for herself and she casts her own body and uses tentacles and an element. Her work is part of an exhibition that will run until June 20.

K.C. hospital puts healing power of art to work, The Sacramento Bee – Displays of ceramics have been set up in a Kansas City hospital and the artwork can be seen at wheelchair level. Other art is on display, too. “The makeover is part of Truman CEO John Bluford’s ambitious vision of creating ‘a hospital inside an art gallery’ rather than a gallery inside a hospital. That’s because Bluford believes educating entry-level employees and improving their daily lives will improve how patients are handled.”

Pottery class shapes Putnam fourth-graders, Sunday Gazette-Mail – Virginia students are learning pottery in a West Virginia classroom. The public school they attend values arts education and the students, in turn, like the subject. History is combined with pottery instruction during the 10-day class. Evidently, this is a school that is deemed “a West Virginia School of Excellence, since the 1980s.” After hearing that and looking at the smiling faces of privileged white children in the photo, I am hoping children in schools with diversity in the state get similar opportunities.

The Famous Potters Of El-Qasr, Egypt Got Soul, Green Profit – El-Qasr, a village 12 hours south of Cairo, has a long history of potters and pottery.  “More than a historical cottage industry, although that is incredibly valuable and interesting to tourists, potting also generates a modest income for the humble people who live here.”

GRANDVILLE HOLLOW POTTERY, Centre Daily Times – A potter who suffered from the effects of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare neurological disease, “lost sensation in his hands, and has had to learn to throw relying on sight rather than touch.” He, his wife and employees make around 15,000 pieces yearly, selling them in the U.S. and Canada. Their stoneware is modeled after Pennsylvania Dutch works made in the late 1800s.


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