Music to make art by

Victrola Advertisement from 1915

What do you like to  listen to when you are working in clay? Me, I prefer airy music, like Debussy or Chopin. Listening to music while engaged in a creative act helps me. I end up sailing away on waves of rhythm and melody; whereas, if I’m just alone with my thoughts, I am often not as calm or creative. Last week we talked about playing music for plants during our Open Studio on Tuesday. How classical music increases the growing rate, how plants will even turn toward a speaker. I figure, if it’s good for plants, it must be good for me, too. Since high school, I’ve loved painting or drawing or working in clay to music and I remember listening to it in Miss Schwab and Mr. Carson’s classes. Now it just seems natural. However, our individual tastes become involved when there is more than one person doing the listening while creating. Sometimes we must compromise our taste or be tolerant of others’ choices. Last night, I made a quick inventory of such tunes on the net and the following is what I came up with. The examples vary so greatly, it shows a need for many individual studios! I even found a lesson plan from an elementary school teacher, Heather Lasch, who is teaching students about the relationship between music and art. The goal of this lesson states that “Students will understand that music can create emotions and feelings, that they can use to create art.” How wonderful! Someone is teaching first, second, third, and fourth graders something that will stick with them for life. My teachers for those grades were so wonderful and influential that I think about them quite a bit, even now, so I think Lasch is doing them a wonderful service. There are other applications for the art/music connection, too. Here is an article about how art and music therapy can be used to treat depression. “By using creative expression, the many blocks to our unconscious are bypassed,” writes author Max Cusimano. If we’re consciously trying help our creativity by listening to music, there are any number of pieces out there just waiting for us. Here are a few links to sites that people have designated as ‘music to make art by.” My idea of perfection: Debussy’s “Clair de Lune.” This version, shown in video form below these links, is played by Mária Kovalszki, at the Academy of Music Ferenc Liszt in Budapest. To me, sitting at a table with my clay, tools, a cup of tea and Debussy is all I need.

A Listmania! list by G. Benson “Rumplesbenskin”

Electric Blue by Phil Keaggy

Top Ten Albums of 2009


To Dance With You Enno Velthuys

A Listmania! list by “primed-canvas”

Music you listen to while doing your art (scroll down)

Do you listen to music?

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