Open Studio Report

Wonder Woman I ain't!

It was so wonderful being back in the studio last week, being with friends and, once again, feeling a lump of clay. Imagine my surprise when I entered a bit of a slump upon returning home! Now, I see I was a bit overwhelmed by how behind I am. I had many projects on the go and they were shelved for a little over a month. Last Tuesday, one of the women who works back in the throwing area asked me how my bird house turned out. I had to say, “It didn’t.” Meaning it is unfinished. (Saying it made me feel forlorn, but Wonder Woman I ain’t.) So, I am giving myself a pep talk today, as I go back to the studio tomorrow. I need to think about what is really happening here. Regardless, action will follow, as I’m getting back in the swim anyway. So what is this all about? What projects are on hold?

  • 3 ‘Trees’ tiles
  • 2 bowls
  • 4 molds, “Wheat,” thinner “Trees,” “Escutcheon,” “Sunrise”
  • 1 experimental folded clay vessel
  • 1 bird house

Last week, I took a look at the bowls, but left everything else in favor of making a small grouping of clay chanterelle mushrooms. I still have yet to make a fairy ring and a set of morels. Then, today, when I was in Pier 1, I saw a big bowl with a scalloped edge that was decorated with little evenly-spaced frogs. It instantly made me think of biofeedback and meditation software I have by Wild Divine, which has a similar image that I love. (Hmmm, that’s going on my list.) So, today, instead of talking about what I did in the studio, I’m taking stock. It’s not mindless self-absorption. I have to think about this process: getting sick and getter better and things that get left in the dust in the interim. I also have to consider attitude. I had a setback, yes, but am getting back into the swing. It’s not catastrophic. All the pieces are there waiting. If there are cracks in my bird house that I wasn’t able to get to as soon as I wanted to, it’s okay. It’s sitting here in my house and is ready to be worked on when I am ready to do it. I needn’t pressure myself or feel pressured. So, I’ve taken the weight from my shoulders, unlike poor Atlas. Zeus punished Atlas, who had been tricked by Heracles. As a result, Atlas had to carry the weight of the heavens on his back. I am far from immortal; all I have to do is change my perspective….

Atlas holding up the celestial sphere

About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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