Follow-up on plans for Jane Street Clayworks

It’s spring and soon this fledgling will fly! My meeting with my job and business coaches went very well yesterday. With notes in hand, I marched in, feeling confident. With the help of my terrific job coach, Elma, we had smooth sailing. My business plan is based on a model my friend, Eric Boyd, sent me. He’s using the same one for his artisan glass business, The Glass Artifact. Plans: I’ll be working with a business consultant in the city; an assessment will be administered; we’ll decide what courses, if any, I might need. I know I’m not talking about clay specifically now, but that is where all of this is leading: a business plan will be scrutinized for viability…for a hosted blog with a storefront for work by me and other artisans. I’ve had two other businesses, a graphic design studio and an ESL school for immigrant women. So, I do have an idea of what I’ll need to be doing to prepare for the next step. With the help of my friend, Roxanne Neuls, who is also my bookkeeper, I am that much closer to my goal, a micro-business. I have also to thank Yu Yu Din, Connie Thoreson, and Pauline Doyle, with whom I consulted. They steered me in the right direction and a supportive network of family and friends is crucial. A journey has led me to this point. While I am computer literate, I’m not a techie. While I know how to write and design, I gave it up to teach after moving to Canada. My writing skills were rusting, but I started blogging in October, have done it steadily, and am back to the level I was at as a journalist. At first, my effort felt tentative, but my passion for writing was reignited. As for the blogging medium, I jumped in and learned while doing, having checked out all the Dummies and Idiots books from the library…about the internet, social media, WordPress, etc. I’ve been on Facebook for some time but, at 55, I felt a bit intimidated by Gen Y-speak regarding the blogosphere and IT, but I just kept studied and tinkering. Technorati’s  2010 State of the Blogosphere was and is invaluable. There was also the physical aspect. Because of my disability, I didn’t know if I’d be able to manage daily blogging, yet assisstive technology and an ergonomic workspace works wonders. I can hear the sound of flapping wings!

About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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