Ceramics News Briefs International

Typical scene in Café Bräunerhof in Vienna, Austria. Wikimedia Photo: Andreas Praefcke

Prince’s Trust creates £7.5m deal to save Victorian pottery manufacturer, Civil Society – A UK charity has rescued Middleport Pottery, but the deal pivots upon a technique. Makers of “internationally acclaimed ‘Burleigh’ pottery,” the Trust will save the pottery and will “lease approximately half of the site back to Denby Pottery.” The article is a bit annoying because it doesn’t state what the technique is, but you can click here to learn more.

John Beck’s New Pottery Hobby, NBC News – A football quarterback in the Eastern U.S. talks about working with clay in a video and short article.

Kutani porcelain popular with collectors, Bangor Daily News – “Chinese arts are in a boom period…Japanese ceramics…beginning to escalate, too.” Japanese a territory is the namesake for Kutani ceramics, “defined by colors and hand-painted brushwork.”

A man and his fire(d)works, The Times of Malta – Paul Haber, Maltese sculptor and ceramist, is exhibiting intriguing pieces in a show that opened recently in Sta Venera. Some are works he made when he began working in clay, back in 1961. His studies have taken him to Italy and Britain.

Stahl’s Pottery Festival this Weekend in ZionsvilleUpper Saucon Patch – Stahl’s Pottery Preservation Society, made up of family members, is hosting a festival in Zionsville, Pennsylvania, this weekend, rain or shine. Featured will be the Stahl’s Pennsylvania Dutch motif on their signature redware, plus that of a number of other potters. Their pottery is a lovely sight to behold, if I can judge correctly from the photo. For more information, click here. http://www.stahlspottery.org/

British Troops Could get Light-Weight, Low-Cost, Environmentally Friendly Ceramic Body Armour, Azom – Sheffield Hallam University’s Materials and Engineering Research Institute and a ceramics consultant have developed armor for modern soldiers. “The new material is made using a combination of several ceramic systems, a carbide, a nitride and a number of oxides, forming a novel, strong, hard but light ceramic composite.” (It seems strange to me to hear ‘environmentally friendly’ when describing armor for warfare.)

Ceramics, carpets, traditional costumes on display at Peasant Antiques Fair in Bucharest, Romanian Business Insider – The National Museum of Romanian Peasant hosts an exhibition this weekend. Exhibitors from throughout Romania will be showing “all kinds of antique objects, always present in the peasant’s house.” The museum is part of the European family of Museums of Art and Popular Traditions.

‘Takashi Hinoda — Alternative Muscles,’ The Japan Times – Another good Matthew Larking feature about a Japanese ceramist. This time it is about Takashi Hinoda, whose “chimerical works rank among the best ceramic-based contemporary art currently being produced in Japan.” Larkin is spot on when he describes the work: “freakish figures whose limbs are stretched and mashed, and re-coagulated in weird and fantastical ways.”

Confrontational ceramics: the artist as social critic, by Judith S. Schwartz, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008 – 256 pages. – The book “surveys the work of contemporary sculptors, potters, and mixed media artists who have turned the ancient medium of clay into an articulate vehicle for political and social commentary.” Written by an educator and curator, the book is “filled with subtle satire, garish jests, grotesque shock treatments, and moving testaments.” While the book was published several years ago, its unique angle deserves a wider audience.

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