Facial masks made of clay

Green Clay for Facial Mud Masks

Last year, a group of women got together at my house for a day of pampering. We are part of a creativity group that meets monthly and I was the host. I’d made up a number of different home spa treatments, facials, cleansers, toners. It was a delightful experience. The ingredients were not expensive and everything was fresh and fresh-scented. There is no reason why we can’t make our own mud masks, either. I have a jar of turquoise mud on a shelf in the bathroom and I have used it many times with good results. But what exactly is up with the turquoise color? I think I will ‘recycle’ the mud, rinse out the container and recycle that, too, because, after our home spa, I learned how easy it is to make these beauty products myself. I am no a regular spa-goer, but I do appreciate a good mask. This is something that can be appreciated and enjoyed by both men and women, too. If a guy can sit in the Dead Sea and slather himself with mineral mud for its beneficial properties, he can do it at home, too. I want to encourage an equal opportunity experience here! So, I got to thinking about making a clay mask. Different clays are said to have different properties, but the one thing they all do is to draw oils and impurities from you as the clay dries. Once it’s dried, just wash it off with a cloth and dry. Your skin will feel baby soft…One of my favorite go-to sites, about.com, has a number of recipes for homemade clay facials. Beauty Guide, Julyne Derrick, has listed recipes anyone can make from ingredients bought in health food stores, for clay, and fragrance stores, for essential oils, if needed. Following these recipes is a video about the Dead Sea mud bath experience. I’ve never had a full mud bath, but it sounds wonderful!

Homemade Clay Mask for All Skin Types

Green Clay Mask for Oily Skin

Homemade Clay Mask for Oily, Dry, Combination and Acne-Prone Skin

And, for the adventurous:

Homemade ‘Cat Litter’ Mask for All Skin Types


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