Canadian potteries and ceramic studios

Famous Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. A number of potteries are found in the Maritimes. Source: Wikimedia

While I was researching something completely different, I came across Industry Canada and the NAICS code for pottery and ceramics, part of a system of categorizing industries. This led me to the Canadian Industry Statistics (CIS) site. Through it, I came across a listing of Canadian pottery studios and I am featuring them in this post, save six that didn’t list websites. (I’ll update this list later, after I’ve googled those potteries.) It was exciting to see a list of Canadian potteries and I was enchanted by the  names. Most of them are located ‘somewheres else’ and many are in the Maritimes. Of course, there are many more potteries in Canada than those represented on the list. Spread the word because CIS accepts applications to be added to the list! I’m surprised more studios aren’t on it, but who would have thought on a government website? Free advertising! Take a look and click through to their websites. A huge range of styles and techniques is represented, in addition to the purposes for which the products are made. If you live in the U.S., you may be interested in what people above the 49th parallel are making and, if you’re Canadian, you’ll enjoy seeing what’s happening. For everyone else, enjoy this lovely sampling of North American artistry.

Amaranth Stoneware LTD

Antje’s Pottery & Studio

Artifacts In Clay

Lyncharm Pottery

Ateliers Guyon & Mailhiot Inc.

Birdsall-Worthington Pottery Ltd.

Capricorn Pottery

Catfish Moon Studio Crafts

Cavendish Figurines Ltd.

Chrislan Ceramics & Glassware Decorating

Crimmins Pottery Ltd.

Greig Pottery Ltd.

J.B.K. Holdings Inc.

Kirkpatrick Pottery

Lyncharm Pottery

Nature’s Window

Poterie Monique Duclos

Sara Bonnyman Pottery

Scott Clay Products

Spectrum Glazes Inc.

Steelite International Canada Limited

Susan Robertson Pottery


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