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Man reading a newspaper while floating on the Dead Sea. Source: Wikimedia Commons

On the domestic news front, I had a good week. On Wednesday, an ergonomic assessment was made of my work space and I’ll receive the results soon. Long story short: I’ll either choose a Mac lap top that would sit on an elevated rack, plus wireless keyboard/mouse, or choose an iMac that would hang at eye level on a bracket above a bar, plus wireless keyboard/mouse. Then, today, I had a successful first meeting with my a business consultant. We’ll be focusing on my blogging biz ideas. He gave me a spiral-bound notebook/CD loaded with info and exercise that I will begin working on tomorrow. At present, I’m sitting at my computer; it’s 8:30 p.m PDT. Sun is streaming in through the leaded glass windows. It looks like the tide is in, judging by the water in the harbor. I’m having a cup of tea and my husband is playing his guitar and singing rockabilly. We had a light dinner and it’s the weekend. Rain is predicted for tomorrow, but I might get some gardening in on Sunday and Monday. Mark is now playing Chopin on the piano. So idyllic I can hardly believe I was acutely ill and had emergency surgery a month and a half ago. I so remember waiting for this day the week after I came home from the hospital…and it has arrived. Yes!

The Holy Grail of teapots, The Star – A pumpkin-shaped teapot from either Ming or Qing Dynasties is one of Veronica Cheong’s prized possessions and she’ll only part with it when she shuffles off this mortal coil. “For centuries, earnest tea drinkers have sworn by these dainty teapots in hues of deep terracotta, russet or purplish brown, some enhanced by the patina of age. Antique collectors clamour for these tiny vessels handcrafted by the likes of ancient potters such as Cheng Shouzhen, Yigong and Meng Chen.”

Clay masters share wisdom at Bray gala, Helena Independent Record – Montana’s Archie Bray Foundation celebrates its 60th anniversary this year and a record crowd showed up for its gala. Demos and talks were attended by amateurs, professionals, and interested parties. An attendee said, “It’s just amazing. It’s all the superstars all in one place,” she said. “They’re just covering it from all angles. It feels like a total feast to take in all this information. It’s really inspiring.”

Demolition order granted for iconic pottery site, Burton Mail – “Pipeworks Project recently told the Mail it wanted to turn the former pottery into a state-of the-art culture and media complex, and would find a use for ‘virtually all of the buildings’ on the seven-acre site.” However, the land owner is happy the district council gave permission to bulldoze almost 2/3 of the UK pottery. Home of famous blue and white “Cornish Ware,” built in 1851.

Orient Ceramics starts CSR campaign on Facebook, The Business Standard – A ceramics firm that makes decorative tiles in India is using the internet to help fight social ills. It’s Facebook site includes a game and the company will donate money to NGOs when user play the game. The company is a member of the Indian Green Building Council. “We hope to receive tremendous response from young India and hope to contribute as much as we can towards making the world a better place.” URL: http://apps.facebook.com/killcivilevil/?ref=t

Local artist helps students create school mural, The West Milford Messenger – A potters guild pitched in to help students embellish the entrance of their school. Helping the effort was a “veteran muralist who has created ceramic mosaics for the New York City subway system and NJ Transit railroad stations.” The mural, depicting leaves, hand prints, and flowers, is worth a look and he project warms my heart.

Potters will fire works in old-time kiln, The Augusta Chronicle – “A veteran Southern folk potter, is working with the Augusta-based Georgia Archaeological Institute to build a traditional ‘groundhog kiln’.” The finished kiln will be 20’x8′ and the opening is so small someone has to crawl in side to stack the shelves. “The Dexter pottery will be a feature of the Edgefield Pottery Research Center that is being established on the site, which includes the remains of at least three early potteries, from which more than 1,000 vessels have already been excavated,” said Mark Newell, the owner of the institute.

Global Market for Medical Ceramics to Reach $13.1 billion by 2017, MY Company PR – “Ceramic technology developments have contributed heavily to the development of implantable electronic devices. Biocompatibility and resistance to wear have made ceramic materials ideal for a range of medical implant applications, from artificial joints to implantable electronic sensors, stimulators and drug delivery devices.” This article refers to a recently published analysis 198 pages in length.

China Ceramics Posts 2010 SAIC Filings to its Website, PR Newswire – A Chinese firm that manufactures of ceramic tiles used for flooring and  siding has announced it is making its financial reports public. ” “In light of the heightened scrutiny of China-based companies listed in the US capital markets, we seek to differentiate ourselves by providing financial information beyond our disclosure requirements.”

WIPO ASSIGNS PATENT TO UNIVERSIDADE DE AVEIRO FOR “CERAMICS PRODUCED FROM SOLID WASTE INCINERATION BOTTOM ASH” (PORTUGUESE INVENTORS), Waste Management World – This brief focuses the use of ash from garbage incinerators to make ‘utility ceramics’ or to be used in the construction industry. The Portuguese invention can be looked into more specifically by a URL listed in the article.

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