Greenhouse update & slide show

Ahhhhh, a sunny Sunday! At first, I felt like a mole, squinting my eyes, because Sol has been a stranger the last couple of months. If you are a gardener, I hope your season has gone well, that you have plenty of sun, healthy plants and good compost. Here, everything’s gotten a late start but my heirloom tomatoes are starting to blossom. Now it’s time to transplant them into big, black growers’ pots, then stake them. Without our little greenhouse this year, they would have met a sad fate outside. While it is chilly in the unheated greenhouse at night, the plants inside are dry. Indeed, I am in my element and so very happy puttering around outside. Yesterday, I brought home rosemary, oregano, cilantro, thyme, and basil plants. I hope it will be sunny enough for the basil to become big and bushy. I can taste it as I write. A tool I’ve found indispensible are is a Weather Station with a thermostat and barometer. The monitor is inside our house and I can see the display any time to keep a handle on things. The other thing that’s served well is the magnifying glass. It’s already helped quash an aphid hatch by helping me ID them quickly. Today, I got annuals and perennials at big close-out sales. So, when I came home from the Canadian Tire garden centre, I got right to work. It was very balancing to have my hands in dirt for hours…so grounding…. Here’s a little slide show of greenhouse action, including a pic of me and Mark either behind or in front of the cat mint! Other plots in on the hill here are enjoying the sun, too. The raised bed is in the seedling stage. Germination was quite late. Also, something has been digging in it and I suspect Mr. Squirrel, though what he’s hiding this early, I don’t know. I put some netting over stakes, but the little dodger sneaks under it. Will lower it tomorrow. The good news: the potato patch is doing splendidly and we should have new, red fingerlings soon! Here’s hoping our tables will soon be graced with your kitchen garden cornucopia….

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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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