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A Woman Reading A Newspaper, 1891, by Norman Garstin

I had gone back and forth about the best time to post the news briefs… Had been putting them up on Friday, but tried several other days to see what I thought. I’ve decided to put them up on Saturday, the day before the new week begins and the end of the old week. Seems to make sense, so that will be our new schedule! Enjoy…

Ceramic business with fishy name now top Scandinavian brand, Irish Times – Next time you want to by some trendy Finnish tableware, ask for the Tuna Fish brand…Tonfisk! What started out as a tea set has become big business. Clean lines, white vessels, easily recognizable as Scandinavian designs.

Mosaics in Walker inspired by pottery past, Chronicle Live – Residents of Pottery Bank, in the UK, have taken part in a public art project inspired by “Walker’s past as the home of Maling’s Ford Pottery.” A ‘pottery bank,’ provided the means to make the mosaics and participants both donated to it and took part in workshops on mosaic. A tile company in Newcastle donated tiles toward the effort to preserve the area’s heritage through its local art form.

International Ceramic City strengthens UAE’s business ties with China, AME Info – ICC, in the United Arab Emirates, will be a “strategic trading hub specialising in ceramic building materials.” The Consul General of China recently visited Dubai to conduct business and take a tour of the project grounds. China and the UAE will strengthen their economic relationship through the ICC. One of the aims of the project is to help China “break away from the perception of cheap and low quality goods to higher quality branded products that are internationally recognized.”

IMAGE GALLERY: Local Musician Performs on Homemade Ceramics, Westborough Patch – The author the book “From Mud to Music” began working in clay in the 1990s, when he took an adult education pottery class. He said he naturally gravitated toward making instruments. This photo gallery shows a number of photos of his spectacularly sculpted musical pottery, which has a Dr. Seuss-like quality.

Don’t be afraid to take up pottery, Arizona Daily Star – Pottery as Art Therapy, in a way…. An Arizona pottery teacher who has a BFA and an MA in counselling begins her classes with a poem or story and lit candles to set the tone. “We are not a vessel to be filled but a light to be lit, and from that view the class takes on a very meaningful dimension, where students help each other in a spirit of nonjudgment,” she said.
Rwanda: Gov’t to Support Pottery Industry to Boost Exports, The New Times – The Rwandan government will seek technological help from China to help its pottery industry meet international export standards. “Exports increased from US$193 million in 2009 to US$254 million in 2010.” The government also supplied motorcycles and bicycles to COPORWA, the Rwandan pottery cooperative.

Golden Bear Ceramics tile installed in pilot green home (video), The Union – “Grass Valley’s Golden Bear Ceramics Co. tile prototypes are part of Project Green Home, a sustainable building project in Palo Alto, Calif.” The company’s product was chosen as a sustainable building product because it is locally made, “made with less energy than conventional tile products, and created from otherwise unusable materials (discarded rock from gold mines) that would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill.”

Retail Detail: Poterie Manu Reva, from bowls to butter dishes, Montreal Gazette – Interview with a local potter/shopkeeper who features local pottery in her Montreal, Quebec store. “I used to live in Massachusetts and there were tons of pottery stores there, so when I moved here, I thought: ‘Oh, Montreal is so great and cultural. There are going to be lots of pottery stores.’ Well, there wasn’t even one!!! I was doing pottery full time, so I thought, ‘Where am I and my fellow potters going to sell our stuff?'” Click here to go to her store.

Artifacts | Feats of Clay, NY Times Magazine – “Move over, concrete jungle! New York is suddenly a city of ceramics. By some odd coincidence, restless aggregations of fired clay are popping up in galleries all over town. ” Article reviews what’s happening on the clay circuit in the Big Apple.

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