The amazing Dutch brick-laying machine

I opened an e-mail from my mom today. I looked at it, thought, “no way!” and dismissed it as one of the many photoshopped collections that make the rounds, like this one did, from aunt to mom, then me. My husband wondered what it was, I showed him…and found myself glued to the computer monitor as I realized it was real. Holy Toledo, it’s incredible! What was depicted was a huge piece of road-building equipment that, with the help of sand, bricks or cobblestones, and a large retinue of workers laid a road in what seems like the blink of an eye. The key seems to be a hopper the width of the road, with what must be very fast workers, whose job it is to feed bricks in at an angle, so they will come out the other end all lined up. Pieces fitting together like a puzzle. The company is called Tiger-Stone. I love how modern-day technology and innovation is juxtaposed with a road that looks charming and old-fashioned. Here are a series of videos from the homesite showing the machine and workers in action. Below is a slideshow made with the photos my mother sent. Thanks, Mom!

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