Our Jane Street Claydate!

A rainy old day in mid-July was brightened up by friends gathering around the kitchen table on Jane Street. We played with sgrafitto on small tiles, blue and green slip on white clay. Then, we worked with underglazes on larger tiles. We did have a third tile, too, but what’s more important, clay or treats?

Our workspace, with remnants of gingerbread with lemon sauce and tea.

Here we have Jennifer’s wave, with vibrant red sun in the background. Sol looks pinkish here, but will be fire engine red when fired and a nice contrast to the blue, greens, white, and natural clay background.

Jennifer's wave shows a lot of movement!

We outlined our designs in blunt pencil first. Jean’s fish looks cool placed on the diagonal on the tile. After these are bisqued, I’ll glaze them with a clear gloss. Can’t wait to see how these turn out. Such talented friends!

Jean's is colorful! Blue, turquoise, red, green, burgundy and black!

I made a simple Celtic Triskel, leaving the background untouched. Added another coat of white after this shot… Still have to do clean up on it and the sgraffito tiles. Some of our members were working or on vacation, but they’ll have a make-up day a couple of Sundays from now because they were sad they missed out.

My Triskelion

About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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