Studio Update

Still playing catch up, but last night the Open Studio was so enjoyable, I felt like I was floating on air when I got home. One hundred percent stress relief! It was quiet at first… Gary arrived before me and as I walked in, he was working on a giraffe sculpture. He’s applying a new approach he learned several weeks ago, plus using new brass armatures for support. Currently, he’s working on two giraffes, a dog, and a horse and he’s quite chuffed about the results. Pauline, arrived around 6 pm and later started working on a low, wide bowl. I caught up on a goodly amount of work. My only tools for the whole evening were brushes. I was underglaze queen for a night:

  • 3 toadstools, purple, yellow lime green
  • 3 morels, yellow
  • 1 low, wide bowl, white base coat
  • 2 thick “Trees” tiles, snowfall areas in white
  • 1 thin prototype “Trees” tile, white
  • 1 set pot risers, red
  • uncovered all molds
  • stored workshop tiles and underglazes

Since three coats of underglaze are needed, with drying between times, I was hopping all night. It felt good to accomplish so much. After the mushrooms are bisqued, I’ll use a glossy, clear glaze on them to finish up. The bowl and thin tile will be glazed with Shino, along with my “Sheaf of Wheat” tile, which is waiting on the shelf. The terra cotta “Trees” tiles need a bit of Oribe Green and Cottage White glaze after they’re bisqued. Another vessel will be ready to be glazed next week; have to decide on the treatment. Pauline and Dan have been doing dome amazing things with Tenmoku; maybe that. Next week, I’ll also collect any outstanding tiles from my workshop participants from last weekend. This coming week, I’ll place the ones I have between plasterboard to hasten drying time. I sincerely hope it doesn’t take much longer for the molds to dry because it’s driving me up a wall. I need to start producing…. Sigh. Soon, I will be able to show you photos of the finished pieces, though! After we cleaned up, we sat around sipping hot chocolate, which was a nice way to end the day…quietude, no need to talk, just winding down in each other’s presence.

About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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