Robin Hopper: Three decorative techniques for ceramics

Otto showed me a book he bought when he was at his annual ceramics retreat at Metchosin. Robin Hopper’s Making Marks: Discovering the Ceramic Surface is one of the most beautiful and exciting books I’ve seen in some time. Joan had told me about it when she was advising me about books to add to my Resources section, but I had yet to see it. Making Marks covers everything and anything you’d need to know about decorative techniques and pigmentation. The examples and art work he’s chosen to illustrate his book are incredible. That said, it made me think of Robin Hopper and today I’m posting his instructions for three techniques, two on video and one in print Slip Dotting, Mocha Diffusion and Painting on Porcelain Canvas. We are so lucky an artist of his caliber is only a ferry ride away, on Vancouver Island.

The video below is partly entitled Mocha Diffusion and Hopper refers to it briefly, but that technique is not demonstrated in the video. If you would like to know more about it, click here. MIY Ceramics and Glass has printed Hopper’s article about the technique from the Ceramic Arts Daily post.

I looked up the ‘porcelain substrate’ Robin Hopper uses for canvases in the video below and decided that if I were to pursue this form, I’d have to make my own. The material he uses is very expensive. If I was to go the DIY route, would first make porcelain paper clay by adding bits of toilet tissue to porcelain to strengthen it while working with it, as taught by Pauline. Once I finish my current projects , I’ll pursue this because I want to see how thin I could roll porcelain out on my own. How see-through I can get it. I’d start out with the slab roller, then finish with a rolling pin. It’ll the next step in my clay draping experiments. Back to the next video, though… Watching Hopper paint and draw on porcelain canvas is a real treat. I enjoyed watching this video because he’s very clear about what he’s doing: explains and demonstrates each step and discusses the materials.


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2 Responses to Robin Hopper: Three decorative techniques for ceramics

  1. gary says:

    great hopper videos, should send gale a copy she might like to use her painting skills in this manner!…….. gary

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