Open Directory ceramics blogs: Commonwealth countries

While getting ready to add my blog to the Open Directory Project site, I started looking around and was thrilled to see that 38 ceramics blogs were listed. Most of the descriptions mention the blogger’s location, so, over time, I’m going to feature them all on JSCW. Ceramics bloggers listed below come from the only Commonwealth countries listed in the directory under that blogging category. Soon, mine will be on that list, under Canada! It’s nice to learn of about others in the community. (Next up will be ceramics bloggers from the  Southern United States.) Please have a look-see….


Australian Pottery

Euan The Potter


Dragonfly Clay

Musing About Mud


A Devonshire Pottery



e2r Ceramics

Hannah McAndrew – Slipware Potter


About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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2 Responses to Open Directory ceramics blogs: Commonwealth countries

  1. gary says:

    Jan, after reading, the enclosed blogs their complement is primarily self promotion. Yours’s investigative, informative style is more enticing. I like the idea of showing their local stuff, but not much variety in comparison. Nice to see what goes on around the world though eh!……… (a giraffe or two would shake ’em up!)……. or joans’ animals!!

  2. Jan says:

    Gary, oh just you wait…mine will be 100% self-promotion one of these days! Arf arf…well, I guess I have the writing bug, don’t I? It warms my heart to see other clay bloggers and I look forward to showing you more… Finish those giraffes!! — Jan

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