Open Directory ceramics blogs: Southern United States

The South has many connotations and distinctions, geographically, economically, historically, and culturally. While a number of states listed below are part of the Deep South, I am using the U.S. Census Bureau definition of ‘South.’  It can be confusing. More culturally accepted geographic divisions in the South often have nothing to do with state boundaries. For instance, I was born on the Florida Panhandle, which is part of the Deep South, as is east Texas. The reason for this is that the Panhandle continues to be influenced and populated by native Alabamans. At one time I had a thick Southern dialect, too, but it is long gone and, these days, only a smattering of Canadians detect any type of accent at all. But you didn’t come here for a geography lesson, did you? Well, I am continuing to cover ceramics blogs from the Open Directory. It feels good knowing these blogs are out there, featuring our favorite subject. Yet, in putting this page together, I was very surprised to see the wealth of blogs are from North Carolina. I do know that English, Welsh, and Scots-Irish ancestry figure strongly in people originally from this state. In addition, the Folk Arts have been kept alive in the southern states. You can still find fiddle and furniture makers, weavers, woodcarvers, and singers whose traditional repetoire can be directly traced to their English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish forebears. Africans brought their knowledge of pottery from their countries of origin. After all, it is a Universal medium. Whether the abundance of ceramists from North Carolina has anything to its traditional arts background, I don’t know, but it’s not a bad guess.


Webb Pottery Studio


Blue Starr Gallery

Contemporary Art Porcelain

Scott’s Blog


Pinkkiss Pottery

North Carolina

Alex Matisse; new one

Jen Mecca’s Pottery Blog

Joy Tanner Pottery

Potters Life

Ron Philbeck Pottery

Sawdust & Dirt

Stray Dog Pottery

Tom Gray – Seagrove, NC


Support Your Local Potter


Dan Finnegan – Studio Pottery


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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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3 Responses to Open Directory ceramics blogs: Southern United States

  1. gary says:

    Wow !… blog form alabama (web pottery) mentions a show in feb/2012, which includes a guy who does wall tile displays up to approx 50-60 ft. long and 8-10 high, arranged in design. called ecliptic installation of tiles , his work has so much imagination , dan should see this guys work. This blog work is at the tail end of webbs blog on this upcoming conference noting all the artists involved….. chris gryders’ work is soooo…. origional!….. a work of genius!….. gary

    • Jan says:

      Can you pass the link or name on to Dan, Gary? I haven’t seen that part but, of course, if it has the word ’tile’ in it, you know I’d like it! Thanks for the tip! — Jan

    • Jan says:

      Just looked at Gryder’s work. You are so right. Amazing! My jaw dropped when I saw that much was installed in Panama City, right down from where I was born… Very inspiring!

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