Ceramic News Briefs International

At celadon fest, rhapsody in blue, Korea JoongAng Daily – What could be more wonderful than a celadon festival, I ask you? “The Gangjin Celadon Festival runs until Aug. 7 in Gangjin, South Jeolla.” The full characteristics of Goryeo celadon are still a mystery, as research has shown only 98% of the ingredients. An enormous statue of a potter throwing a vase adorns the festival site and there is an accompanying photo of it with the article.

Sandra McKenzie Schmitt has an eye for the business of arts, Journal Star – A career potter gives advice to young artists who want to make a go of it. Part of her success is attendance at “the Buyer’s Market of American Craft, a wholesale show for gallery owners looking for handcrafted items to sell in their shops.” She markets her work “in more than 150 galleries throughout the U.S.”

Shopping for a Picasso the Rest of Us Can Afford, Time – The story points out that while Picasso’s paintings might be out of our reach, his ceramics works can be had for around 1000 Euros. “Picasso took an unfailing interest in ceramics until he died in 1973. He created thousands of different pieces.

McDonald Discovers Her Chi Through Pottery, Marietta Patch – “Cerie McDonald becomes a pottery artist in her ‘second life’ after successfully navigating the corporate minefields into an early retirement.” Her chemistry degree has helped her understand the firing process better than most. She works in porcelain…gallery with twelve photos.

Culinary connoisseurs crave kimchi crocks, Yongap News – Crockery that was traditionally used to ferment kimchi, Korean pickled cabbage, is being replaced by electric versions among Koreans. This has created a market for ceramic onggis. “Americans are developing an awareness of the health benefits of traditionally fermented foods and their interest in onggi is apparently growing alongside this trend.”

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Wizards at work in Bristol, MPN Now – It’s a family affair! Father and son create pottery and mom and wife works in the store. I like Q and A interviews because it gives a better look at someone and the Kozlowskis “Bristoleaf” is a good topic. “Our biggest challenge is the economy. Many craftsmen and artists are going out of business because the field is so competitive. Last week, we went to an art show outside of the state, and there were only a few vendors, much less than there used to be in the 1980s.”

Cosmeston pottery find shows a thriving medieval craft, BBC – “A 13th Century pottery vessel found in the Vale of Glamorgan could indicate a thriving local craft in medieval times.” A 20-person team from Cardiff University has identified Vale Ware, pottery found in south Wales. A number of different types of vessels have been found.

AU’s Schein-Joseph Museum presents an anniversary exhibition — ‘Twenty,’ Alfred U – A splendid range of ceramics is being shown at Alfred University till the end of September to celebrate the museum’s 20th anniversary. Works by Eva Zeisel, Satoru Hoshino, and Charles Binns are part of the works on display.

Nice little urner: ‘Biggest-ever’ haul of Ming Dynasty pottery found in shipwreck… and it’s worth £43million, Daily Mail – “The artefacts, which date from around 1580, have been found on the ocean floor 93 miles off the Indonesian coast and 600ft below the waves.” An incredible photo accompanies the news brief. About 700,000 items from the merchant ship are still intact.


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