Pottery Travelogue: Western Montana

Northwest Montana

Glacier Park Montana, by Monte Dolack

As I write, I am looking out over Flathead Lake, the largest lake west of the Mississippi River and what really amounts to an inland sea, like the Great Lakes. The moon is waxing and last night the reflection over the water ripples made the world look very serene…. Yesterday afternoon, Mom and I made a quick run into Bigfork to do a little grocery shopping and, while we were there, we took in  a few shops and galleries. Bigfork is a wee village of 7,500 and, while it has become touristy, it’s still a gem. Western Montana has a high percentage of writers and artists and the village has a number of galleries that represent Montana artists. I like to take in the exhibit at the local art museum and, currently, “Treasure State Remnants: Ghost Towns of Montana” is showing. The exhibition, which runs through August 27th, “contains 42 framed images that are accompanied with text explaining the demise of many of the towns in Montana as part of the ‘boom and bust’ time in the west.” The museum was closed yesterday, but I hope to see the show this week. I especially want to see images of Garnet, one of my favorite ghost towns. Missoula artist, Monte Dolack, has done a fine rendition called “Garnet Ghost Town.” My favorite gallery in Bigfork is Bjorge’s. Another destination visit is Art Fusion, where there is always something new and pleasing. Western motifs aplenty,

Iceberg Lake, Glacier National Park

landscapes, animals, but plenty more, too. We went to a co-op gallery, yesterday and I am going back to take photos to post this week. Saw some amazing raku, zany plaques, plus unique raven sculptures. Stay tuned… Tomorrow, we’re going to go hiking in the Montana side of Waterton Glacier International Peace Park. One of my favorite areas is glacial blue Iceberg Lake which is right up against the Continental Divide. Astoundingly dramatic!

Garden Wall, Glacier National Park. Source: Wikimedia Commons


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2 Responses to Pottery Travelogue: Western Montana

  1. Pauline says:

    The landscapes puts awe in my heart. Cheers!

    • Jan says:

      Hey, Pauline…yes, it’s astounding…am so happy we’re going into the park tomorrow! Big hi to the crew! xoxo

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