Open Studio Update, 8/23

Okanagan Peaches

Phew. Truth be told, I am much more tired than I thought I’d be when I came back from vacation. As it turned out, it was more of a working holiday. The scenery was gorgeous, rec activities were great, and the food  delicious, but it was all very labor intensive. I thought I could pull it all off, but. Not having the time stressed me out at first, but I soon became overwhelmed by obligations and hadn’t time to think about it. Am home, now, and I so want to write! Thus far, the highlight of my week took place today: the Open Studio. Much of my trip was spent looking at ceramics and while that was very satisfying and inspiring, I was itching to pick up a hunk of clay. Spending time with my studio buddies was so gratifying… I brought in organic peaches from the Okanagan, which we drove through two days ago. I just ate one over the sink because it was so juicy! Smelled like a peach and tasted like one, sheer heaven. I bought a flat of peaches and apricots but I don’t know how many will make it to the freezer for winter, heh heh.

Four Seasons Obelisk

Today: Placed the  chanterelle sculptures and pot risers in the bisque area, along with all the tiles from a July workshop. Glazed a low, wide bowl. Glazed another, but there were too many pin holes, so I washed it off and will redo it later. Worked on the  underglaze ‘snow’ on three “trees” tiles. The Art Centre has a number of benefits coming up and I want to finish all of my contributions now so I can concentrate on my work without interruption, i.e., Christmas presents. I found I was tired by 3 p.m., which was fine because, save lunch, I’d worked from 9 a.m. straight.

Next Tuesday: Bisquing toadstools; rolling out slabs, adding texture for an obelisk, leaving to firm up before cutting. Uncovering my experimental tubelined tile. Glazing chanterelles, workshop tiles and pot risers; reglazing bowl. Finishing three bisqued “trees” tiles, two ‘snow,’ one tba.

Following Tuesday: More layers of underglaze on toadstools, then clear glaze. Bisquing molds. (Finally!) Reassessing, patching and finishing my bird house (!!). Cutting prepped slabs for an 25″ tall garden obelisk.

I will also be working to reestablish my writing schedule, arranging to publish posts a little after midnight. It will take a few days to get back on track and I appreciate your patience… Cheers! — Jan

About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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