Metro Vancouver Open Studios & Pottery Clubs

View of Vancouver from Arbutus Ridge, Source: Thedemonhog/Wikimedia Commons

The gang was talking about Open Studios last Tuesday. Ruth, a member of the Port Moody Arts Centre staff, said she was having a hard time finding out information about fees at other like facilities in the Lower Mainland. I decided to look around. There’s no such thing as too much consumer info; it’s all relevant. Cost comparisons for materials, facilities and services are vital for making choices. After looking at the information available through leisure and activity guides and websites, I found no uniformity in costs. Costs vary greatly, community by community, centre by centre. Info gleaned from Fall 2011 calendars online, wording is verbatim. I will expand the list tomorrow to include Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Surrey, White Rock and Langley.


Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
6450 Deer Lake Ave.

Pottery Open Workshop: These non-instructional sessions allow you to use our studio to practice on the wheel or finish work started in class. Both fall and winter sessions use high-fire stoneware clay. Only work produced at the Shadbolt Centre from clay purchased here can be fired in our kilns. Open workshops are offered on a drop-in, first-come basis. These sessions are not designed to accommodate “production” potters but to allow students to develop their skills. Workshop tickets for each four-hour session must be purchased at the front office prior to the start time. $8.26 (student), $11.80 (non-student),
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday: 1:30-5:30 pm & Monday , 5:30-9:30 pm. Drop-in, first-come basis. Designed to allow students to develop their skills.



No Open Studio, but classes can be taken at the Place des Arts in Maillardville

Place des Arts
1120 Brunette Avenue



Uncertain of Open Studio opportunities. Call to find out.

South Delta Recreation Centre
Delta Potters’ Association
1720 56th St.
Contact : Carol Clancey



No Open Studio; students can use the facility extra hours while working on projects.

Century House-Moody Park Recreation Centre
620 Eighth St.
New Westminster



Parkgate Community Centre
Parkgate Pottery Studio

3625 Banff Crt
North Vancouver

Associate Studio Memberships: Must have experience. Limited space, access limited to nine hours a week, chosen from the following schedule: Mon., noon-3 pm, 6-10 pm; Wed., 6-10 pm, Thurs., 9 am-noon, Sat. 9 am-2pm. Quarterly, $97, plus tax. Supervisor Liz deBeer, call 604-983-6367



Pottery courses taught through the Wilson Centre; no Open Studio listed

Port Coquitlam Arts and Culture
Wilson Centre
2150 Wilson Avenue
Port Coquitlam



There is no listing for the Open Studio I attend or its three-times-a-week schedule in the new Fall 2011 calendar! I will look into it and get back to you with the particulars….

Port Moody Arts Centre
Open Studio (TBA)
2425 Saint Johns Street
Port Moody



No Open Studio, but classes can be taken through the Cultural Centre.

Richmond Cultural Centre
Richmond Potters’ Club
7700 Minoru Gate
Contact : Jenny Ross, President



False Creek Community Centre on Granville Island
1318 Cartwright Street

Pottery User GroupHours of Operation 
Monday……………………….9:00am – 8:30pm 
Tuesday……………………….9:00am – 6:00pm 
Wednesday…………………..9:00am – 8:30pm 
Thursday………………………1:00pm – 6:00pm 
Friday…………………………..9:00am – 6:30pm 
Saturday……………………….1:00am – 3:00pm 
Sunday………………………….9:00am – 3:00pm

Pottery Studio Membership: To become a member of the Pottery Studio you need to have completed a pottery course at False Creek Community Centre.  Membership is $47/month and will be pro-rated from date of purchase to the end of the calendar month. The studio is not available whenever classes are in session and is not open on statutory holidays.


Douglas Park Community Centre
801 West 22 Avenue
(604) 257-8130

Our Pottery Studio is home to our preschool, children and adult pottery programs. The Studio is equipped with 8 wheels and 3 kilns and also a vast amount of work stations. Free drop-in times are offered to registered adult students. Tool kits are recommended and are available for $25.


Kensington Community Centre Pottery Club
Kensington Potter’s Club
5175 Dumfries St.
604-718-6200, or call Mary Dunai at 604-589-9124


West Point Grey Community Centre
Aberthau Potters’ Club
c/o 4397 West 2nd Ave.
T: 604-257-8140

Q. Can anyone make pots at the community centre?
A. West Point Grey Community Centre offers a variety of pottery courses, which anyone can take. See the staff in the community centre office, website, or brochure. If you want to join the club, you need to get yourself on the waiting list. We call up new members in September, depending on how many spaces have become vacant. Club members are entitled to take part in our sales and pot year-round in the studio beside the Aberthau Mansion.

West End Community Centre
West End Pottery Club

c/o 870 Denman St.
T: 604-257-8333
F: 604-231-6423

Pottery Club: Fees are $144 for four months, seniors aged 60+ $72.00 for four months (studio use, slips, stains, glazes, firing). Clay: purchase there or bring in, once authorized. Mandatory participation in annual clean-up session. Members encouraged to participate in pottery sales, which make money for the member and club. Fall 2011 Drop-in: Sept. 24-Dec. 3, $8 fee.



Gleneagles Community Centre
6262 Marine Drive
West Vancouver
(604) 921-2100

Gleneagles Pottery Studio offers intermediate and experienced adult potters the opportunity to use the facility in a relaxing, non-instructional setting. Passes available to adults who have completed a beginner’s pottery program or have previous experience. (Firing fees are additional). Pass, valid one month: (includes glazes) Adult $72.80. Drop-in Fees:  3hrs / $19, 10 Visits / $157. Clay $20.00 per bag. For schedule click studio link above.


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