Summery ceramics and Labor Day kayaking

Red claw pot risers

Several things came out of the kiln last week. I was able to place them in time to enjoy over Labor Day. Red pot risers for a brown pot. They are not in place, as you can see; have just tucked them under. The pot’s quite large, about 2′ high. If you’d like to read more about pot risers, click here. Here’s a closeup of the ones I made:

Pot riser closeup

I have enjoyed making mushrooms and I might make some more. I set these chanterelles to the right of the greenhouse, in front of the strawberries. They fit in with the other colors in our garden. My Open Studio colleague, Deb, made the bowl. It was one of my favorites but it broke. Rather than get rid of it, it has become garden art. It’s also a reminder of her…

Chanterelle sculptures with Deb's bowl behind

Here is a close-up of the chanterelles. These are for outside but I might think about making some delicate ones that can be indoor figurines. Last week, three ‘toadstools’ were bisqued and I’ll glaze them this week. They are for someone who loves color…bright purple, yellow and lime green.

Closeup shows off shino glaze

Today, we got the kayak ready to take down to the inlet, four blocks away. I baked some cherry almond quick bread and I’ll slice it up for a snack on the water. Here we are, with Mark paddling in front.

We kayak toward the water bird houses

The end of the Burrard Inlet is a bird watcher’s paradise. No development is allowed and Shoreline Park is a beauty. Bird blinds (for viewing!) are set up on the north shore near estuaries. The east end of town is the only area high rises are allowed to be built.

Bird house pilings with highrises in the background

There were too many people on the white sand beach at Old Orchard Park, so we opted for a quiet place with no trails nearby. That’s the thing about being on the water…you can reach places that are off the beaten path….

Our destination

We arrived during the Golden Hour, my favorite time of day. Oh, it was gorgeous! Saturated colors and long shadows. Of course, it’s happening earlier in the day than it did several months ago. Seeing this really makes me appreciate where we live.

The Golden Hour during Indian Summer

Years ago, my Mom gave me her kayak. I just love it. It’s actually a little two-seat lake kayak, but the inlet is so calm, it’s fine here. Now that we have a kayak cart, it makes it easy to unload from the roof rack and wheel over to the water. The cart folds and stows in the kayak.

Our sturdy yellow kayak

Here I am, enjoying life and having a lovely Labor Day weekend. More sun is forecast, so we’re going to make the most of it. Spring and high summer were cold and rainy, so I am happy to see a long hot spell…me and everyone else in Metro Vancouver!

Sun low on the horizon

I had to remember to not step on the barnacles. It’s something most people don’t think about, but they’re alive. Each is sealed with a minute amount of sea water which maintains the sea organism till the tide comes back in. When it does, it opens up and feeds.

Barnacle encrusted rocks

The end of the Burrard Inlet was once surrounded by teepee burners and sawmills. Remains of old mills still stand in areas of the water and provide areas of interest. As we were passing by these, we saw a sea otter surface.

Remains of old mills

Some molds are finished now, so tomorrow, I’m going to start making some tiles. It will be a lazy day…I’ll read my Rumpole of the Bailey, grill something tasty, do some deadheading, check my garden. I topped my tomatoes again to prevent new growth and removed the remaining blooms. All energy needs to go toward ripening the fruit. If it’s Labor Day Weekend where you live, enjoy your three-day weekend. Hope you have a long, comfy slide into fall. For my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring is just around the corner!


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