Spice up your life with Wax Pottery

Bowls and spheres from waxpottery.com

I was looking something up today and came across a peculiar term. Thought it might have something to do with wax resist, but soon learned it was something I’d never heard of before. This type of home decor emulates pottery in that typical shapes are made…a bowl, for instance. That’s where the similarity ends, though, because the ‘vessel’ is made of wax. This wax is also impregnated with organic matter, color and scent to be used as a form of potpourri. They are actually quite beautiful…little bits of nature placed to create a pleasing look. The Wax Pottery site carries wax bowls and spheres. I’m not big on diffusers, scented candles or potpourri about the house, but I rather like these wax works and think it’s charming that it is called pottery. (Much the same as I liked the term clay candy…) The bowls are surprisingly large, seven or ten inches across and the spheres are four. The site has a fragrance chart and, looking at it, I imagine these could smell quite nice if they didn’t overpower. Cinnamon, clove, lavender, pine, cedar. Artwax candlestore also sells wax pottery in bowl and sphere shape, as do several other companies through amazon.com. Previously, I thought that the chemicals used to scent candle wax must be unhealthy, especially with the el cheapo brands. Several things made me change my tune regarding safety and I’ll get to them in a minute. The Habersham Candle Company, which makes the wax pottery at the link posted higher up, makes and sells soy candles, which are healthier than the petroleum product from

Spheres from artwax candlestore

which ordinary candles are made. It has been found that candles made from paraffin give off carcinogenic fumes when burned, according to a study reported in this BBC article. Of course, wax pottery uses wax to hold scent, colorants, and organic matter. Unburned, it would be inert.The main question, then, is about fragrances used for wax pottery and whether they are healthy to be around. The U.S.’ National Candle Association site says that “reputable candle manufacturers use only fragrances that are approved.” So, if these scents can be burned and remain safe, they are safe in unheated form. Then, it is simply a matter of aesthetics and taste…. The trade organization also makes the point that just because something is natural doesn’t necessarily mean it is safer. “A natural ingredient, as opposed to a manufactured or synthesized ingredient, is not necessarily any safer.” The Candles and Diffusers site supports this claim. Well, you know me, if I can make it myself, I will. A number of materials and molds are needed to make of wax pottery, though; none of which I have. So, I think I just might treat myself to someone else’s creation this time around. I like the shapes and bits of nature and they’d be a nice addition to my home this fall, as I enter the comfy zone…

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2 Responses to Spice up your life with Wax Pottery

  1. candlelady says:

    Wax pottery – what a clever fragrance and unique gift idea! The one drawback that I can see is that the fragrance is always present. With candles you can extinguish them so that the fragrance is not constant, and also, we burn candles for ambience as well. I think that I still prefer the idea of scented candles, particularly soy candles, which as noted above, are healthier than paraffin wax candles. .

    • Jan says:

      Thank you for your comment…yes, I thought wax pottery was unique. You are right; that’s something I hadn’t thought of: fragrance would always be ‘on’ and that might get a little old. It does seems like a good idea for fall and the nesting instinct, woodsy or citrusy. We love the ambience candles create, truly makes an evening much more enjoyable… Soy candles are very nice; I like the way they burn. I even bought some soy waxed paper today! Again, thank you for your kind note… — Jan

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