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UNITED STATES: Minneapolis Institute of Arts returns Greek pottery to Italy, Minnesota Public Radio – It’s the type of story you like to hear…about the return of stolen art. In this case, it is about an Athenian Red-figure Volute Krater, a vessel, circa 460-450 B.C. A beautiful piece, judging from the photo. In 2006, based on an investigation into Giacomo Medici, an art dealer, officials found “a storehouse of looted objects. A few of those photographs depicted a krater that looked startlingly similar to the one in the MIA’s collection.” It’s a heartbreaking story, but the museum has done the right thing.

JAPAN: Please Allow Animal Rescue in Japan’s Nuclear Evacuation Zone, The Care2 Petition Site– My fellow potters, ceramists and collectors…ordinarily I would not appeal to you in such a manner, but this is a matter that very much relates to us because the territory that is being focused upon covers villages and towns with traditional potteries, areas damaged by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. The potters kilns were destroyed and while people were evacuated, the animals left behind need people to speak for them. Your message will be sent to Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan on behalf of Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS). You need not make your name visible on the petition and you can unclick the Care2 box at the bottom of the petition area. “Please help!!! From Yuki Togawa- I need 45,000 petitions NOW. Now and now it is. SOS Animals left behind radiation hit areas are crying for help. Hunger, thirst, illness and complete loneliness. They are losing their life one by one as we speak. Please sign the petition so that we can resume the rescue. The public animal shelter has space for only a little over 200 animals, dogs and cats. We have yet over 10,000 more cats to rescue and also cattle, rabbits… We need 45,000 petitions NOW.”

ENGLAND: HRH The Princess Royal to Visit Denby Pottery on Monday, 12 September 2011, Free PR Site – Princess Anne will be visiting the famous Derbyshire pottery to view production and to take in the displays at the visitors centre. She will be also be shown new technology used on Denby’s ‘Halo’ series.

CANADA: Into the fire with the Revelstoke pottery guild, Revelstoke Times Review – I always like hearing about Canada’s pottery guilds, an ancient tradition. This brief is about raku and an upcoming show. Guild member Nancy Geismar “used to teach it at Mount Royal College in Calgary during the 1990s. She credited Mas Matsushita for being instrumental in getting the art form going in Revelstoke.” She is among three who are exhibiting work in “Emerging from the Fire,” which opens this Friday at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre.

UNITED STATES: Reception premieres pottery presentation, The Burbank Leader, Tim and Angie Meikle are exhibiting their pottery collection which has been collected over the past 43 years. The show, “A Collection of Pottery 1880-1970,” is being exhibited at the Burbank Creative Arts Center. Notable pieces in the show include a tile by Polish-born artisan Polia Pillin, who is reported to have “perfected the technique of painting on wet clay with colored clay. After decorating each piece, she would fire the pottery, cover it with a transparent glaze and then refire it. The end result gave the piece a luminous, glass-like finish that became her trademark.” For more information on Pillin Pottery, click here.

INDIA: Pottery with the creative touch, IBN Live – This is a feature story about Mr. Pandit, a villager who moved to Mumbai. “He was one of the most unique potters that Mumbai had ever seen.” He went to Japan to study and eventually opened Pandit Art Ceramic, his studio. His work became more popular and he continued to study abroad. At home he accrued honors. Please read it, it’s a lovely story…

TAIWAN: Former lawmaker continues his dream at ecological pottery, The China Post – Spurred by his wife’s desire for indigenous plants and seeds, Chen Wen-hui shifted gears and started Taiwan’s “Hwataoyao,” which means “flower and ceramic kiln.” His idea was to have Green architecture to house 600 plant species and to have space for potteries. “There are hundreds of potteries in Taiwan, but the use of local Miaoli clay and wood gives the potteries here their distinctive characteristics.”

UNITED STATES: Barbara Willis dies at 94; California ceramist, Los Angeles Times – “Nearly 40 years after she had stopped producing pottery, Barbara Willis made a startling discovery at a Long Beach flea market in 1995. Without her knowledge, she had become a highly collectible artist.” During the first wave of her career, Willis adapted began molding geometric pieces, turning “studio techniques to commercial pottery.” What she produced is called Mid-century Modern. She stopped making pottery when she was 92.

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