Open Studio Report

Orange #12 shows earth's orbital direction around the sun during the Autumnal Equinox. Source: Macevoy/Wikimedia Commons

It was the perfect Autumn day…the sun warm on our shoulders, a hint of change on the trees. I left for the studio just before ten. Mark had cut up plasterboard lengths for me and they were stacked in the car. I also took in ten tiles, two molds, a bag of clay, and all the usuals, planning to get a lot done. I sandwiched the tiles between the drywall to hasten drying, uncovered another, then set a few things in the bisque area to be fired. An interesting observation: mold burns out of the white clay I’m using, but stains the red. It must react with the iron oxide or another materials in the terra cotta. I’ve gotten so used to seeing the stains on my red bisqueware that it surprised the heck out of me to see my white clay molds turn out a pristine white. Pauline suggested that the stains might affect the glaze, too. We’ll see what happens… I did start a new project today, this garden ornament. And I can see I should have looked at the pic before I began, as I’ve designed a different top and like the original better. (Better scoot down for my paper clay tomorrow, work on a new top at home, then take it back so it can dry with the sides.)

Northern Lights in Canada. Source: Skeezix1000/Wikimedia Commons

Over the week, I’m going to make some more “Trees” tiles. I have three on the go and they will be donated to an art centre benefit. Displayed in shadow boxes. Two of  “Trees” with snowfall, the other, Northern Lights. For that one, I’m going to glaze white, then wax ‘stars,’ then the aurora, then dip it in a satiny Alberta black slip glaze. (One day I will finish a similar tile with Amoco Velvet underglazes, but not just yet.) After a big lunch, I was sleepy, so stored everything around 3 p.m. and headed home for a snooze. Not a huge amount accomplished, but incremental progress. When I got home, there was a message on the machine: call about the computer. So, am very happy to say that my new computer will be delivered tomorrow! Am ecstatically happy about this bit of news! Thursday, I have slated a 40-min. consultation with an expert to discuss ‘computery stuff.’ In addition, WordPress told me it only needs 24-hours to switch from .com to .org. When that does happen, Jane Street Clayworks will lose a day. Nothing to worry about and I’ll let you know as the time draw near…

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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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