Canadian Thanksgiving and reasons to be thankful

Burrard Inlet. Source: Vranak/Wikimedia Commons

The good news is that I now have my new computer, an iMac! I am like a kid in a candy shop because there are so many new features. I had no idea it would arrive yesterday when I made plans last week. Girl’s night out with my neighbor…I had not seen her for some time and we strolled down to the waterfront for drinks and dessert. It was a lovely night and we had a good visit. The rain even stopped for us. When I returned, I noticed the elves had set up the computer. Then, today, I made the half-hour sprint into Vancouver to attend a consultation at Small Business BC. There, I met with Mark Tempest from Deepnet Media. We talked for 40 minutes about Jane Street Clayworks and my plans. He was nice and very helpful. I’ve already shifted a few things around and axed others. He thought I was on track, regarding plans for a hosted site. He also looked into WordPress’ guided transfer service for me and I learned that nothing changes with the switch, as far as e-mail and RSS subscriptions and connections. So, you, dear readers don’t have to do a thing! Before the changes are complete, I do have a few more things to do: fully set up the new Facebook page; ditto with Etsy. Incremental change.

Downtown Vancouver. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Tempest told me about a plug-in that will allow readers to see links for related JSCW stories at the bottom of each post. I think that’s great. No more hunting… As if these changes weren’t enough for my Happiness Scale, this post was created with my new Dragon Dictate program, thereby saving me having to type, which is difficult for me because of a past injury. Speech recognition software has changed much since I started with IBM ViaVoice. Even more good news. Gee, it feels like Christmas in September! The china cabinet my husband commissioned for my birthday arrives next week!  Custom-made by Sugar Plum Oak, in Nebraska, the piece will be delivered to our curb next week. Such a cabinet is all about displays and I look forward to carefully placing some of my cherished pieces. My Great-auntie Del’s porcelain soup tureen. Of course, my own china, Mikasa’s White Crocus. Beautiful and understated. The demitasse cup and saucer my mother gave me when I was a child, porcelain glazed yellow with painted tulips. Equally good, is the fact that all of this will free up space in my cupboards, which I desperately need, given this is a small cottage. I am so grateful and thankful for bounty and blessings. I take none of them for granted. The computer and new technology will aid the production of my blog, the furniture will be easy on the eyes, the added space will make day-to-day life simpler. Canadian Thanksgiving is October 10th this year. My little home will be set up just in time…

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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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One Response to Canadian Thanksgiving and reasons to be thankful

  1. connie says:

    I am happy for you! Best of luck with the new changes to and for you blog 🙂

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