Raku U, an art event for my community

Yesterday was Raku U at Art 4 U Day, one of the many events taking place this year at the Port Moody Festival of the Arts. We had our usual spot in the parking lot behind the Port Moody Arts Centre. Our town is designated the City of the Arts and we do not disappoint. This was also a fundraiser for the Ceramics Department. Night before last, I was concerned because a wind warning is in effect. Also, though I slept right through it, we evidently had two thundering downpours. Luckily, when I arrived at the arts centre for setup at 9 a.m., the heavens smiled on us. It didn’t start raining heavily till later on. Yes, people got wet, but we’re part geoduck here. While rain doesn’t bother us much, a respite early in the day was helpful, as we zoomed back and forth with trolleys and tables, setting up our various events. Ceramics was among the mediums represented. There was a stage for music, a catering truck, and things were hopping inside and outside the art centre. When I returned to help ‘strike set,’ I got there a little early so I could take these pics for you. Enjoy!

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I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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4 Responses to Raku U, an art event for my community

  1. Connie Thoreson says:

    Glad you took pictures, it’s nice to see some of the finished pieces 🙂

    • gary says:

      wow!…. you take magnificant pictures! your comments are “sooo”…. good! the kids really enjoy this event, it is so wonderfull to see their responses and their glazing faces are so fixated, so involved, and their pride when they see the finished products. I had one little girl who is six whose mother i knew when she was six, absolutely brilliant feeling to see her beauty of her mother “kelly”, again forty years later…. they are identical, artistic; athletic; and beautiful!!although her dog did not come out as well as mine (picture on this blog) i wll present her mine!…. great day for me ! as each child coming back each a year older and still raku-ing and changing…. growing…. and blossoming , very rewarding to me!!

      • Jan says:

        Gary this is fantastic! I can’t imagine seeing such change over time and remembering them, too. You are so good with kids…yours at the centre and in Belcarra… How fun that you had *such* a great time. Inspiring! 🙂

  2. Jan says:

    Thank you, Connie. It’s a high-energy event; the public loves it…

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