Studio space to call my own

The Hindus call it Anāhata, अनाहत in Sanskrit: the Heart Chakra. It creates a very warm feeling when something produces a profound sense of joy. I am experiencing that warmth now because of something new in my life. Something that has made my efforts feel more legitimized, more recognized. I speak of my new studio space in my home. It has produced a great sense of joy. Before, I was nomadic, working on a canvas-covered board  I shifted around. It inevitably got in the way and we know that isn’t the way to create. But, now, to borrow from Virginia Woolf, I have room of my own. In addition, it’s not in some cramped area, cold and dark. My new space is well-lit and warm. Plus, I have a lovely view of the ocean from a big picture window. As leaves fall, I’ll be able to see more. Warmed, but not so much as to dry out the clay. I also love my work table, a beautiful oak library table from the 1940s. I’m going to look into ways of protecting the surface but, in the meantime, it’s covered by a huge board covered with canvas…. There is something about a workshop in a home that I love. In my salad days, in Eugene, Oregon, my roommate and I turned part of our living room into a work bench. I’ve never forgotten that little rented house, in good part because of that bench. I love tools and working with my hands. If I’d recognized my inclinations then, I could have saved myself a whopping amount of student loans, I suppose, but live and learn. Having a work space makes a home feel complete to me. So, this evening, I worked on a tile on the whiteness of the clean, new canvas. Studio space to call my own. I don’t have to break camp and hie on down the road. It feels so right. In many ways, fall is the perfect time for this to be happening and I look forward to snowy winter days when I can work with reflected light, seeing birds at the feeder. The Farmer’s Almanac says we’re to get more than less snow this year, so we’ll see what happens. I’ll have stowed my pots and trays in my greenhouse, mulched by raised bed, done my outside winterizing. Having completed my outdoor chores, I can concentrate on home indoors. A good book and a cup of coffee. My rocking chair by the fire. My cat, Rosie, snoring. I have a set of shelves filled with my ceramics supplies and next I’ll come up with an area that will make a good mini damp room. Yes, the heart chakra is smouldering away, I am content and life is good…


About Jan

I have a background in ceramics, graphic design and journalism.
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