Ceramic News Briefs International

England: Boost for Staffordshire schools, Creative Boom – Such good news! It isn’t often you hear of schools receiving extra funding for art these days. Staffordshire is one of four Firing Up organizers program in England. The others include Bath, Manchester and Sunderland. It is being done with an eye toward potential professional ceramists. “The Crafts Council and Staffordshire University have teamed up to reinvigorate ceramics teaching in Staffordshire’s secondary schools.”

United States: Modern living: A 2011 spin on a 1951 photo, LA Times – Here is a fun piece… The Times re-created ia 1951 magazine cover using modern decor. The original scene was staged by the Los Angeles County Museum of art. Both old and new versions feature ceramics. The color palette has been retained, as has the placement of objects.

United States: Rare Moravian pottery owl bottle, circa 1800-1820 to highlight Bonhams sale, art daily – This sweet little bottle is expected to fetch between us $60-$80,000. “The Moravian potters produced press molded animal bottles in the early 19th century for everyday use, such as dry spice storage. Two variations of owl bottles were made but their molds have never been located.” The owl has a tortoise slip glaze, inspired by English pottery called Whieldonware.

Canada: Ceramics put a halt to disc brakes, Autonet – This news story  surprised me, for I never thought I’d be posting about automotive news. However, it’s worth a look. “Ceramic brakes were originally developed by British engineers working in the railway industry for high-speed rail…in 1988.” Ceramic discs are much lighter than steel discs, by upwards of 50%. The stopping power is much quicker, yet, at present, they are very expensive.

United States: Firing on all creative cylinders, Sequim Gazette – These zany sculptures make you feel good just looking at them And they remind me of a friend’s style. Splashy, some fantasy-based, others are interpretations of real-life creatures. He also does raku. The artist, Steve Wry, will be exhibiting his work at an art walk on October 7 in Sequim, in northwest Washington. “Because I don’t do functional ware, I consider them works of art rather than crafts,” Wry said. “Art doesn’t need to be equated with craft. I don’t consider myself a craft person, but a sculptor.” The Blue Whole Gallery, 129 W. Washington St., at 681-6033, http://www.bluewholegallery.com.

England: Little clay commuters fired for Stoke ceramics festival, BBC – “An army of around 6,000 terracotta commuters has been scattered in Stoke train station and at various sites around London. People are being encouraged to pick them up and take them home.”  The figures have been created by a British artist for the British Ceramics Biennial.  The festival last 6 weeks and the figures will keep being replaced during that time.  For more news about the event click here.

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